Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Dessert thoughts of mincemeat and skeletons
Halloween Pie
Digging in to a leftover and left open meal
Halloween Dinner
When autumn falls
Orchard Fall
Halloween puts on a different face
Alcoholics Anonymous alternative plan for Halloween
Bottles of Boos
Dachshund clothing secrets
Always Cover Your Wiener
New life takes shape from antique car
Car Roots
Go ahead - tailgate me now and make my day
Texas Gun Lover
Spinning female webs this Halloween
Spider Brows-her
Messages for the hereafter
Mexico Gravestones
Hands-free phone kit stretches phone coverage
Redneck Hands-Free Driving
Common superstitions to think about on Friday 13th
Friday the 13th
Elizabeth II - Queen of  England, born April 21, 1926
Long Live The Queen
Don't go bacon my heart!
Bacon Birthday Cake
Undocumented PC programming bug
Weird Microsoft Word Function
All the breast from our house to yours!
Happy Turkey Day
Personalized license plate where the buffalo roam
Look @ My Junk
Toronto Maple Leafs preapre for another golf-alternative Stanley Cup
Toronto's Last Stanley Cup Victory Parade
Yorkshire Air Ambulance - saving lives in the U.K.
EMS Upgrade
Dodging potholes on the Canadian prairies
Saskatchewan RoughRiders
Tires making a final round around the flower bed
ReTired Garden Bed
Jethro's entered his bike in the Deere-Tona 500
Redneck Trike
Some CFL football fans have little to cheer for
Saskatchewan Roughrider Fan
Confucius say, 'Fast shutter lead to dog house'
Fast Camera Shutter
Impatient fans after a slow start to CFL season in Regina
Roughrider Cheerleaders
A red rose remembrance
A Beautiful Message About Growing Old
Cheese-e way to keep baby safely confined
Mouse Trapped
Edible music - must be used by end of summer
Watermelon Drums
You might say that things went off without a hitch...
Redneck Fifth Wheel
How to fix a broken car heater
Redneck Car Heater
Bubba's new Ultraflight design
Redneck Ultralights
Putting a face to custom alloy wheels
Gumby Wheel
I love being this age!
It Was A Good Year
I'm still looking for my 10mm socket
Looking For Pokemon
Proud to be Canadian in the Moist Wet Territories
The New Flagpole
Country twist to Despicable Me
Despic-Hay-Bale Me
Hockey is the national sport of Canada, eh
Canadian Growth Chart
Rock Climbing 101 for mechanics
Redneck Piton
Stealth law enforcement in the Moistwest Territories
Drone Speed Zone
Remembering an extinct Walt Disney character
Goofy Dinosaur
Can you spot the spot that needs attention?
Colgate's Advertising Campaign
It's dessert time at the Mammography Clinic
Mammo-Grahams (PG)
The insect bar scene
Beetle Bar
Do you like your mice rare, medium or well done?
Mouse Grill
School opening getting a little too close for comfort?
Summer Speeding Ticket
Where extreme weather patterns are the norm
Canadian May Long Weekend
When they're defending their country from you
Country Invasion
Looking for some light rock music?
LED Zeppelin
Preparing for invasive onboard seat removal
They won't drag him off a United flight
Getting your feathers up
Owls And Bananas
Can your dog vouch for you?
Dogs Welcome
Bum Deal: stress signs in the bathroom
TP Message
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