Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1712

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Santa crosses the North Pole
Siberian Santa
Scrooge is paid a visit by the grammar police
Christmas Past Participle
Gearing up for a Merry Christmas
Mechanic Ornament
Indigenous Christmas scene
Gingerbread Reservation
and a Happy New Now
Merry Thisness
What colour Christmas are you dreaming of?
White Christmas
Christmas spectacular with 40,000 LED lights
LED Christmas Light Tree
Don't drink and drive!
Sober Santa
Merry Christmas from Santa's jet stream
Santa's Jet
Wrap yourself in a few Holiday Season drinks
Christmas Drinking Game
Cheapest string of Christmas tree lights
Christmas Wall Tree
Have you been good this past year?
Santa Focus
Being s'elf-ish for a good winter meal
Christmas Roast Dinner
Where Bubba stores his hubcaps during the holidays
Hubcap Christmas Tree
Ten reasons supporting Santa's farming background
Santa Claus as a Farmer
Recycling the year's bubbly
Christmas Wine Tree
Santa crosses Canada in style
Canadian Pacific Christmas Train
Christmas can be a sobering time of year
He Sees You
Preparing for Christmas Eve in Miami
Florida Christmas
Bubba's Christmas tree shrunk a little this year
Christmas Budget
The Force Awakens for Jewish Star Wars fans
Keep The Han in Hanukkah
Santa's helpers now wear hard hats
Elf Safety
Ozark scenery during the Holiday Hunting Season
Redneck Christmas Deer Hunt
Adding a kid clause for Santa Clause
Santa For Kids
Have you been naughty this year?
Save Santa The Trip
Christmas shopping for dyslexics
Merry Snafu
1984 Chevy 4 wheel drive, new interior, clean windows, low miles
Camouflage Truck
What pilots do in fresh snow
Plane Snow Angel
If Santa answered his mail honestly...
Santa Mail
Christmas present for an electrician
Wire Stripper
It's beginning to look a lot like chistmyth
Marijuana Tree
Slow design day for a Slug Bug
Turbo Snail
Where the only thing to fear is sphere itself
Celebrating the shortest day of the year in Canada, eh
We Witch You a Merry Solstice
A nondenominational winter scene
Heathen Card
Are you qualified to enter the Pearly Gates?
Christmas Possessions To Enter Heaven
Combo truck
How Daisy made it a Christmas to remember in 1966
Make My Daisy
Slugs in home gardens
Slug Strawberry
Need a cheap unassembled snowman? Saskatchewan has a deal 4U...
Saskatchewan Christmas Entrepreneur
Placing empty boxes under the Christmas tree
Christmas Fireplace Tip
If yore a groan reader, this is 4U and Jethro
Rools four Righters
Donald Trump's hair finally runs off to seek a better life
Hair We Go
When $5 goes a long way between cousins
Babysitting Kids
Introducing the new Survivor Reality TV show in Afghanistan
Crotch Rocket
Sign of hope for Kevin Bacon
Keep The Bacon
How to ease passing lane constipation
The Passing Lane
Some pizzas are short on ingredients
Pepperoni Pizza Deal
The early birds catch the worm
Bird Buddies
Going out on a limb with a friend
Owl Twins
Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead
Newspaper Bloopers
Seeing eye to eye towards a relationship that gives a hoot
Owl Friends
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