Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1678

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Slugs in home gardens
Slug Strawberry
Need a cheap unassembled snowman? Saskatchewan has a deal 4U...
Saskatchewan Christmas Entrepreneur
Placing empty boxes under the Christmas tree
Christmas Fireplace Tip
If yore a groan reader, this is 4U and Jethro
Rools four Righters
Donald Trump's hair finally runs off to seek a better life
Hair We Go
When $5 goes a long way between cousins
Babysitting Kids
Introducing the new Survivor Reality TV show in Afghanistan
Crotch Rocket
Sign of hope for Kevin Bacon
Keep The Bacon
How to ease passing lane constipation
The Passing Lane
Some pizzas are short on ingredients
Pepperoni Pizza Deal
The early birds catch the worm
Bird Buddies
Going out on a limb with a friend
Owl Twins
Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead
Newspaper Bloopers
Seeing eye to eye towards a relationship that gives a hoot
Owl Friends
Redneck on a roll
Flat Tire Repair
Owl fit perfectly on the Christmas tree!
Seen in the wilds of Regina
Saskatchewan Grey Cup
Siting a rare zoo animal on a Canadian farm
Prairie Giraffe
Inspiring bacon ideas for a breakfast treat
Bacon Pancakes
Fingerlings in the forest
Redneck Palm Tree
Liquid diet alternative for the United States
Make America Great Again
Converting an old bed into a new dream
International Truck Bed
Manfred carries his supplies with him to Octoberfest
Search for the next Zombie Outbreak
Zombie Response Team
Halloween headlights for ghoulfriends
How to stand out from other Real Estate professionals
Not Haunted House Sales
Does your broom fit?
Broom Size
Pre-flight preparation for Halloween
Who Said That Women Can't Park?
Halloween special for cannibals
Vegan Burgers
Just one thing though...
Haunted Victorian Home
Budget cutbacks for trick-or-treaters
Halloween Downsizing
All dressed up with nowhere to go on Halloween night
Floral Skull
Harvest time on the farm
Country Halloween
Traffic slows down at pumpkin crossings
Halloween Patch
Brew your own bone shaped sugar cubes
Halloween Coffee
Free candy with no van stops
Minion Halloween
Taking a bite out of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night
Spooky Garage
Stuck in pumpkin jaws
Halloween Deer
The butt end of joe-ks for pumpkin carvers
Cat Pumpkin
Trick-or-treaters are clucking over this dear costume
Halloween Chicken
Dessert thoughts of mincemeat and skeletons
Halloween Pie
Digging in to a leftover and left open meal
Halloween Dinner
When autumn falls
Orchard Fall
Halloween puts on a different face
Alcoholics Anonymous alternative plan for Halloween
Bottles of Boos
Dachshund clothing secrets
Always Cover Your Wiener
New life takes shape from antique car
Car Roots
Go ahead - tailgate me now and make my day
Texas Gun Lover
Spinning female webs this Halloween
Spider Brows-her
Messages for the hereafter
Mexico Gravestones
Hands-free phone kit stretches phone coverage
Redneck Hands-Free Driving
Common superstitions to think about on Friday 13th
Friday the 13th
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