Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1712

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Scenic View
Cutting a path through winter scenery
Snow Wall
Looks like it wasn't cloudy enough on February 2nd...
Groundhog Forecast
Some forecast years are off for Punxsutawney Phil
I Lied
I finally found the fish that got away...
Missed Catch
Bell curve pain relief for those on a rising dollar bed
Back Pain
New Google 'Search' Plane
Gooooooooooogle Air
It's National Dragster week every week in Escondido
Rad Green Dragster
Soda can BBQ for Bubba's small appetite
Redneck Mini Grill
A VW Beetle is in there!
Find The Car
Snow art for drinking passengers
Doodles Car
Winter exercise in the backyard
Snow Aerobics
An upsetting meal experience
Carry On or Carrion?
After a bad night's sleep Little Johnny was a little cranky
Early Morning Conversation
At least one of them gets a good night's sleep
Her Side vs His Side
Global Warming takes a step backward in the Pacific Northwest
Two Feet of Snow in Seattle
Has the air been taken out of the Patriots' brand?
Capturing the last light of day
Moon Filament
How not to extend service box electrical cables
Deadneck Repairs
Steve finally realized he was playing a game of Solitaire
Dead Hand
Big fish that got away reported on the dock
Fishing Dog
Bubba takes his portable platter with him on road trips
Redneck License Plate
Tight squeeze for car sales this year
Car Wrecker
Wine prescription on Doctor's orders
Things Bottled Up
Big shoes to fill
Redneck In Training
Harry Potter Motorcycle RideHer
Broooom Hilda
Pushing a path through a wall of snow
Big Blade Snow Plow
Music theory for stick people
Stop, You're Under A Rest!
How to lead stray snowbound livestock back home
Winter Greens
Together on the prairies with a cold brewskie
Cold One
Sharing the load - what one won't do for his spouse!
Man of the Year Finalists
Baby and Mom are doing well after cold delivery
Snow Birth
A guide about cleaning up after your dog
Empty Dogs
Economy of scale reaches modern Social Networking needs
Today's Bathroom Reader
Lucy found it hard to find lasting relationships
Dog Faced
Gloomy Loonie Canadian dollar forecast
American Quarter
Inspiring Christmas music for Quaker congregations
Silent Night - Quaker Arrangement
It's cold out - keep your weiners covered
Cold Dogs
Holiday parties gone to waist
A Month After Christmas
When coffee was 15 cents a pound
A Century Ago (1915 to 2015)
This kitchen design wasn't by axident
Cutting Edge Table
Geese fly in ground formation as well
Snow Geese
Bubba's automatic fire re-stacking system
Camp Fire All-Nighter
Streamlining the federal Christmas budget
12 Days of Christmas - Government Economizing Measures
Sweet iPhone Apps
iPhone Cookies
The rules of listening in your relationship
Sound Advice
Recruiting Santa's unemployed helpers after Christmas
Dark Side Christmas
Sheered marijuana art for a happier season reason
Hannuka Plant
Assorted specials clearance at end of Christmas
Fragrance Specials
Bragging about hotel lobby games
Chess Nuts
Have a Root'n Toot'n Christmas!
Pork Bean Christmas
Express your gratitude ... Welcome a stranger
This Christmas
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