Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1673

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Another victim of the economy
Young Who Suffer
Life is full of surprises
Booger Queen
Bubba's 2-fer-1 fish wins Alabama fishing derby
Siamese Pike Twins
Fallen illusion or foregone conclusion?
Jimmy Fallen
Zero tolerance for speeders - no 2nd chance...
Texas Speed Camera
Life before electric washing machines and dryers
Erect-it Dryer
There's always someone who stands out in a crowd
Jewish Assembly
The one that didn't get away!
Wayne's Fish
This buck looks a little pail-faced
Feeding Time
'Water-ever it takes' advertising
Diet Water
Road rage - trying to cut off a passing driver
Move Over
Origami to the rescue
Save Yourself
Inventing the wackiest idea since the Segway
Electric Unicycle
Stepping up to sea what's there
Reaching The Ocean
No sense to cry over it when it's time to dig in...
Spilled Milk
How to drain exhaust from your car
Exhaust Condensation Reducer
Big Bird sculpture in the park
Resting Bird
When the thought, 'Don't friggin move!' comes to mind
Road Hugging Tire
Trying to remember the big day?
Dementia Relations
Art in the petrified forest
Firewood Tree
On the cutting edge of unique decisions
I Do What I Want
Faster than a speeding protester
Agnes jumps into her freezer to cool off on a hot day
Personal Pool
Nonna shows Luigi respect for the local police force
Fill The Tank
Know your load limits!
Overpass Underpassed
When you know you've taken on too much water
Filling The Water Truck
Aiding the dreams of a young helicopter pilot
Inverted Helicopter
Can you hear the beat of the music?
Dance While You Can
Best way to feel safe while you're on holidays
Cheap Home Alarm System
When your life needs recharging
AA Meeting
How to turn drab into rad
Rainbow Road
Well, that complicates things...
Fire Starter
Who had the best safari view?
Tourist Stalking
Genealogy search starts at home
Family Tree
How well do you know your bus driver?
Shuttle Bus Driver

Hang On
B.C. Teachers launch strike action for better weigh-jest
Debt Sentence
The perfect gift for Middle East gardeners
Ride-On Lawn Mower With Grass Catcher
Early Engineering plans for a new Paris shopping mall
French Ikea
Looking out for better days to come
Behind Curtain Number One
An eggsellent breakfast presentation
Breakfast Cupcakes
How Bubba saves many trips to the fridge
Brew Table
Sniffing out someone new in the block
Just Checking
Pies are meant to be eaten before they hatch
Chicken Pie
Does French food give you the crepes?
Haunted Pancakes
Putting the Play back into Playgrounds
Original Play Station
Be sure to buy only the original product
Autographed Copy
Personalized pancakes for a special birthday
Star Wars Day
May The 4th Be With You
May The Fourth Be With You!
Star Wars Day
Better think twice about walking a mile in my shoes
Backtracker Special
High School Graduate Talent - Teapot Arc Creator
What Are Your Skills?
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