Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1692

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How not to extend service box electrical cables
Deadneck Repairs
Where a few Czechs are better than no Checks
Bouncing Checks
VW model with much-shortened wheel base
Abbreviated Beetle
Dad finds the perfect nose stud set for his daughter
Nose Ring
Music from a different viewpoint
Look At It This Way
Steve finally realized he was playing a game of Solitaire
Dead Hand
Big fish that got away reported on the dock
Fishing Dog
Undershirt baby restraint allows quality kitchen prep time
Under Control
Introducing Kawaii's new upright piano for Rapologists
Rap Piano
Bubba takes his portable platter with him on road trips
Redneck License Plate
Tight squeeze for car sales this year
Car Wrecker
Wine prescription on Doctor's orders
Things Bottled Up
The first BLog'er? WATCH OUT!
Log Out - Here It Comes!
Luke Sky-needs-a-Walker
Star Wars Episode VIII
Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of e-Motion
Law of Emotion
Cuddling up to your favourite veggie
I Don't Have Mushroom
Feeding the world with compassion and understanding
World Peas
Gun control has never been a problem in Texas
Texas Peace Sign
Beware of cycling obstacles along Rogers Pass
Meal On Wheels
Doctor's orders: spend one hour per day on the treadmill
Treadmill Workout
Big shoes to fill
Redneck In Training
Attaching yourself to a very berry dessert
Rare photo of Wilbur transporting his new lawn cutting machine
First Dodge Ram
Mom, the dog's digging in the yard again...
Digger Dog
Spare parts gearing up for office inspiration
Mechanic's Work Table
Sign language in Russia
Wave To The Nice Lady
Harry Potter Motorcycle RideHer
Broooom Hilda
Pushing a path through a wall of snow
Big Blade Snow Plow
Simple solution to gain control over alcohol
Little Drinking Problem
Job applicants are getting younger all the time
Child Labour
Birds of prey think and look alike
Eagle Makeup
Proof that mechanics lived in prehistoric times
Wrench Dinosaur
Statistical evolution of man
Cardboard box makes a perfect hiding place for the cat
Drawn To Curiosity
Storing time in bottles
All Bottled Up
What's your perception of yourself?
Shopping hours are never long enough for Wilbur's wife
Shopping Wait-er
Getting a little firewood in for next winter
Logging Basics
Music theory for stick people
Stop, You're Under A Rest!
Warning indicators for too-fast drivers
Pick Your Fate
WARNING: This is un-bear-able! Platinum Edition SUV preferred by Grizzly bears
Totaled Toyota
Moose have been a Moistwest Territories transportation network company
Canadian Uber
The start of a canine X and O game
Dog Cross
How to lead stray snowbound livestock back home
Winter Greens
When you know you've tried CPR resuscitation too long
Worst Aid
Bubba's low flow shower pails in comparison to others
Redneck Shower Head
Stair design inspiration for an arborist house
Stairway Roots
Together on the prairies with a cold brewskie
Cold One
Wood you like to ride Bubba's new motorcycle?
Wood Trike
Portable pump attachment allows for faster fill-up at gas stations
Sharing the load - what one won't do for his spouse!
Man of the Year Finalists
Baby and Mom are doing well after cold delivery
Snow Birth
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