Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1707

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The old goat showed up at a shopping store
Take Your 'Kid' To Work Day
Moon sail provides nautical night travel
Lunar Powered Sailing
Life is fine if you're in the cheap seats
Front Row Seats
Beach rock sculpture for loving relationships
Love Rocks
Scooter's Down... Grandpa's Up...
Grandma Needs Help
I finally know where Uncle Elmer went to see about a dog
Pa's Outhouse
Affirmation for Positive Thinking
Dream The Impossible
Snake charmers capture attentive audiences
Which face do you wear in the morning?
Front To Side View
Weight scale proportional to food allowance
Diet Scale
How Bubba got his beer belly
Redneck Six Pack
Flying towards the start of a beautiful day
Pelican Sunrise
What Bubba sees when hunting bear after a beer diet
Beer Bear
Footwear with the yeast appeal
Art sculpture ideas for scenic walkers
Missing Piece Statue
Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is optional.
Hopscotch for Seniors
Which moon phase do you carve the most?
Alternative parts engine repair
Wrench Motor Mounts
Rethinking your not-so-eggsellent options
Poultry Breakfast
Hey, boss - I think I've found Jimmy Hoffa!
Paving Fixture
Inline skating is for kids like you!
Roller Derby Princess
Sinking feeling on an emergency response call
Fire Truck Sinkhole
Captain at a ripe old age
Retired Fisherman Walker
Behind every statue's whitening solution
Bubba was just stopping by for a cold brewskie
Cold Weather Beer
Downturn in gutter sales
Downspout Planters
Closing Connections for Facebook Friends
Facebook Closure
How resource-full are you?
Never Enough
Moving companies too expensive 4U? Then do it yourself!
Moving Day in Texas
Blow it away and move the problem somewhere else
First Snow Blower
This Scottish company has nothing to hide
Men In Kilts
How To manual for your newly purchased elephant
Elephant Instructions
Stork delivery from above
Here Comes Another One
A gal who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues
Owl And Batgirl
Hang in there!
Cloud Swing
Outhouse chemical reaction raises the bar
Smoking In The Boy’s Room
Farm tractors for hobby farmers
Show Stopper
Cellphone calculators for Alzheimer friends
You Never Call
Does your age match the temperature?
Not Going Outside Minions
Rounding up backyard chickens
Angry Bird
Jacuzzi and sauna sales heat up Down South
Redneck Hotter Tub
Meet Houdini the cat
Cat Extension
Some workers don't practice what they preach
Think Safety First
Antique-ated way of entering a used car dealership
Back in the days when Grizzly bears had six legs
Grizzly Bear Chair
Rare picture of an octopus on land
There seems to be a hitch with this tractor hitch
Tractor Pull
Ever heard an annoying noise in your drive shaft?
Zip Tie Prank
Things were touch and snow for the Moistwest Territory paramedics
First Aid Responders
When the other cup of latte looks more appealing
3D Latte Art
Heart-felt reminder that winter is still with us
Warmest Wishes for a Perfect Sunday
Memorial for 8 million horses, donkeys and mules that died during WW 1
Soldier Tribute
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