Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Faster processing for 'hard core' computer geeks
Apple's Dual Core Technology
Moving on to greener pastures
Heading To The Branch Office
How to display organic, gluten-free vegetables
The Side Effects of Veganism
So many degrees and so few last names
A Man Named Fred
How Jethro recycles his work boots
Boot Birdhouse
Is your trademark in the right direction?
Over time, these should be the best abdominal exercises
Bed Abs
Scenery to match a bulging physique
Perfectly In Tune With Nature
Planning a birthday for her friends to remember forever
Girl's Party
Hold on, doggie!
Tailgate Coyote
Waterboard fun for birds
Skateboarding Duck
Camouflage sniper hidden in plain view
Can You See It?
Best seats in the house at Juilliard
Keyboard Seating
Who needs a Hummer when you can drive an upscale Redneck 4x4!
Redneck Hummer
How to till a Redneck garden
New government program to reduce Social Security costs
Just Saying Goodbye
Influenza vaccine now available in small doses for Irish adults
Irish Flu Shots
Driving 'in' the rain
Texting While Cycling
How to sell ladies high heel shoes in Thailand
High Heel Shoe Motorcycle
It's easy to complete a Rubik's Cube
The Advantage of being Colour Blind
Looking for visible proof
Glass Coffins
How to tell if someone doesn't like smoked fish
No Smoking Fish
Who was the first 'person' to land on the moon?
Alien Moon Landing
Bear safety at the zoo
Come Pet Me
Living in style on Vancouver Island
The Cabin
It's time for change!
Full Moon Savings
Stress-full times for the heavy hauling crew
Dumped Truck
Why they call Bubba a real hoser
Gas and Dash
Where not to make snow angels
Dog Park Snow Angels
Marijuana side effects for chickens
Bird On Pot
Generations of Volkswagen family cars
Family Affair
Go Norse, young man
Vegetarian Viking
Have your blog posts caused offense to anyone?
Removed Posts
Pointing the way to a barn-burner of a party
Party Direction Sign
Tim Hortons 'RRROLL UP THE RIM' coffee winners in Eastern Canada
Roll Up The Rim
Sven went water hunting just for the halibut
Fishing in Norway
How smart is your car?
Not-So-Smart Car
Bubba's method of leveling the door jambs
Door Dancer
The good news about being caught in a cougar's grip
Cougar Sighting
Fighting like cats and dogs
Gang Violence Has To Stop
Why negatives help you to develop
Life Is Like Photography
Building better social relationships
How To Pick Up Chicks
Silo Serenity in the country
Affordable Prairie Living
Facing another migraine headache
Face Squeeze
When kids were allowed to play Livestock Management Technicians and Indigenous Peoples
Before Political Correctness
More than enough horse power for Pennsylvania roads
Amish 3 Horsepower Country Camper
If it ain't broke leave it alone
Fix It Later Detour
Resistor Ohmage at a monk convention
Join The Resistance
Doing their bit for the economy
Going The Extra Mile
Coconut oil - the secret ingredient
Gourmet Kale
Facing reality in the men's clothing department
Realistic Mannequin
Communication when both parties are correct in their assumptions
Just Because You Are Right
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