Roy Turkington Submissions
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Holy Land tours for Catholics
With The Pope
Chinese peasant with a load on his mind
China Road Load
Slight detour no obstable for a motorcycle
Chinese Road Rocks
Latest in Israel cuisine - Kosher bagels
Holy Bagel
Where to put articles thrown into the lake
Lake Benches
Upside-down Weight Watcher plan
Diet Pills
Finally - a product you can put on, then take off of your clothing
BARF Detergent
Deconstruction planning in China
Security system protection in Australia
Aussie Camp Warning
Where to find serious suDokuholics in Israel
Dead Sea Sudoku
Road safety signs in an Israeli desert
Beware of Camels, Tanks and Dust Clouds
Parking Russian style
Exhaust-Free Park
Latest in Israel - kibbutz fine dining
Kosher McDonalds
Searching for losers on a walk through Nazareth, Israel
Quran Hereafter
Where to find mood swings in China
Green Mood Fly
Spiderman tracks down hidden Kvitelach in Jerusalem
Spiderman at the Wailing Wall
Finding the closest thing at hand during an emergency
In Case of Emergency
Wok-ing into an English language sign
Tour Step in China
Trying to find an electrical wire in the Wong junction box
Beijing Spaghetti Code
Par for the course in Australia
Aussie Golf Club Access
Bloom or blossom - how to clean up your flower petals
Flower Basket
Parking lot sign in Israel's West Bank
Arab Barking Lot
Roy was trying to find a restroom or loo in China
Fuxing Lu
Putting recent Iraq events in perspective
Nimrod Ruined
Striking out in the batter's box
Irishman's First Baseball Game
Internationally recognised symbol signs
Unspoken Signs
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