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Enough of the yard work!
Ain't Mowing the Lawn Anymore
Was Samson lion around on the job?
Top 10 Sayings of Biblical Mothers
Cyclists on a roll
Lean Two Cyclists
Now Bubba knows what his truck equals
Mathematician's Truck
Bubba's fail-safe message system
Redneck Palm Pilot
Some people thought Little Johnny was high-strung
Redneck Clothesline
Why life expectancy is short for Thailand kids
Only In Thailand - Time To Clean The Pet Snake
Guys, keep this spot reserved for lady drivers
Parking Spot For Women
Ventilated helmet for safe cycling
Helmet Full Of Hair
The alternative to meat loaf
Cat Bread or Cat Loaf?
Taking the ladies for a drive in the good old days
Sunday Drive in the Country
Invitations were sent out to a parking lot sale
Annual Meeting of Women Drivers
What you'll look like after trying a 'Fiendish' Sudoku puzzle
Don't Get Your Head In A Knot
Ramon's fish finder told him where the best fishing was
Poor Fishing Day
Think she is mad?
Cheating Husband
Who to call on when you need your car towed in India
TurbAnne - India's Iron Lady
One guy who failed @ Gyna College
Why Men Shouldn't Take Messages
A dotted cross between a cat and a dog
Litter of DalCations
Just when you thought you were alone...
Cat In The Act
Keeping a close trim on the tree
Tree That's A Head Of Its Time
This dog has a birch bark
Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Looking for the night before or the morning after?
Before 12 Beers
Life in the slow lane
Rush Hour Non-Traffic
A Christmas dancing treat for you
Candy Canes
Cover charge not included
Blonde's 710 Cover
Germs are Resilient Blighters
'Bug Light' Invisible Monsters On Your Desk
Prey Tell - which animated guy would you pray over?
'Let Us Pray' or 'Let Us Prey'?
What's unique about this elephant?
How Many Elephant Legs?
Women can now work at home!
Woman's Computer
Those who will and won't be remembered
Great Minds of History
Who's to blame for the wrong answers?
Cheaters Dilemma
Marriage seminars are easy for Bubba
Wife's Favourite Flower
And in this corner you can choose Iron, Or...
Iron Deposit
Bringing Alexander Bell to a cell phone near you
Newfie Cell Phone Accessory
Where preparation is half the battle
Real Iron Man Competition
Born To Be Wild Granny
It's Never Too Late, Harley
Picture of a Catfish having a ball
Catfish Bites Off More Than It Can Chew
Wonder if this will meet the 'Holmes on Homes' construction approval?
Scaffolding for the Dirt Cheap Contractor
Special picket fence message to a friend
Puppy Love
Choosing the biggest and smallest Christmas present
Big Christmas Present
Music lessons for Bubba and Jethro
Redneck Wind Chimes
Santa's workforce the day after winning the lottery
If The Elves Win The Lottery
Nothing like a good ol' Back-to-the-basics Eggnog this Christmas
The History of Eggnog
Packing your car with snow to keep the heat out
Snow Drifts Inside Your Car
And you thought nobody was using your toothbrush...
Cat Toothbrush
For Arkansas guys dating your sister
Arkansas Divorce Application
When brother helps with naming the twins
Baby Names - Denise and Denephew
Cheap transportation for your goat
Backpack or Goat Pack?
Finding a good Doctor's practice
Acceptable Doctors Sign
Bubba gets a trailer discount for his whole family
Redneck Airlines
Finding your spouse while she's shopping
Looking For Your Wife?
Bubba's got a handle on kitchen water conservation
Redneck Faucet
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