Mike King Submissions
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Make a joyful noise - keep singing in the shower!
A Picture Of Me In The Shower
Cat in the act!
Reach For Your Dreams
It's a monkey thing...
I Finally Know Why
Tap faucet outreaches its life expectancy
Misdirected Faucet
Searching for the moon and tide tables
Looks Like The Tide Is Coming In
The Mermaid who wanted to be a Mummy
Aging Mermaid
Finding artistic use for chicken wire
Chicken Wire Art
Hunting bear or bear hunting?
Bear With Me
Some peoples' daily mission is to annoy you!
Annoying People
How Little Johnny helps Mommy get breakfast ready
Egg Tester
Life's too short to walk around angry
Sing It Out
Surrogate mother on a stable farm
Foal Teddy Bear
How bossy people lead by example
Leadership Skills
How to relieve athlete's itch in the animal world
Why Elk Have Long Antlers
Climbing to the top of a college education
Escher Stairs
For some reason the plants grow better with moonshine
Redneck Rolling Bottle Sprinkler
Maslow's hierarchy of needs is pretty easy for Bubba
Redneck Bucket List
When canine care is the best medicine
Hospital Friends
Cruise ships reaching their full potential
Tight Fit Ship
How Bubba impresses the girls at Wal-Mart
Hot Pipe Car
Cowhide biker finds urban home on the range
Cowboy Bike
When a bear is not black or polar
Start your day off with an emoticon breakfast
Happy Face Pancakes
Six finger bench hands reach out to tourists
Gold Finger Seating
How to take the wind out of one's sail
Surprise Announcement
Some inflatable water slides include roof shingles
Redneck Waterslide
Keeping ahead of short-range photography
Bird's Eye View
Are you allergic to dogs?
New Home Search
Who Dat Baby Daddy?
DNA Testing Down South
Spring brings out more than the best colours
Yarn Tree
Pink Power is beautiful
Princess Bike
Community asks seniors to clean up their act
Clean Senior Citizens
Bird food from the sky
Mouth Candy
Holes that remind you of just how tiny we are
Holes of the World
Bridging the gap to paradise
Walkway To Heaven
Now Bubba photo shares pictures with his e-mail buddies
Redneck Camera Phone
Think I'll pass on the local ethnic cuisine specials
Tempting Foreign Food
Are you as open as a child?
Babble Language
A mother's care around the world
How to line dance in Dallas
Texas Roller Blades
Lighting up Bubba's house with Crisco shortening
Redneck Candle
English lessons, one politician at a time
Redneck Word For Today
Just horsing around at the beach
Horse Holiday
When second hand smoke talks back to you
Smoke Face
How to cook tough beef
Beef Teeth
How to shoot your way into a Redneck house
Texas Door Handle
Luxury treehouse for pampered campers
Tree Loft
Bubba's trailer stand lives up to high expectations
How To Make A Deer Stand
Beware of Identity Theft this Easter
Easter Identity Theft
The Easter Story
Jerusalem Obituary, 33 A.D.
Outraged Lehman Brothers employees blockade bank headquarters
Lehman Brothers Protest
Here's looking at you
Who's There Bird
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