Mike King Submissions
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Bubba's love chair - where he cares knot
Redneck Backyard Chair
It's a monkey thing...
I Finally Know Why
Cat in the act!
Reach For Your Dreams
Make a joyful noise - keep singing in the shower!
A Picture Of Me In The Shower
Specialized formula provides nutrition for your dog's needs
Dog Shampoo
Searching for the moon and tide tables
Looks Like The Tide Is Coming In
The Mermaid who wanted to be a Mummy
Aging Mermaid

Headed For Warmer Climes
How to relieve athlete's itch in the animal world
Why Elk Have Long Antlers
How bossy people lead by example
Leadership Skills
Tap faucet outreaches its life expectancy
Misdirected Faucet
Climbing to the top of a college education
Escher Stairs
Bubba racks 'em up eight at a time
Redneck Wine Holder
Why you should roll up your letter of complaint
Refund Ticket Denied
Relationships in the owl family were strained that day
What Did You Just Say?
Searching the neighbourhood for good little girls and boys
Christmas Car
How to shoot your way into a Redneck house
Texas Door Handle
Balcony parkade for small car owners
Apartment Parking
Latest in engineer-design house decor
Guard dog does clean-up duty
Water Holder
Start your day off with an emoticon breakfast
Happy Face Pancakes
Let Little Johnny choose the best dog food
Finger Lickin' Good!
Looking after each other
Mom Lookout
Two-for-one lunch special
Free Senior Citizens
What your car looks like the morning after
SideCar Illusion
Food shortage at the local zoo
Camel Clutch
You must try this recipe!
Grandma's Beautiful Pies
Who's got an eye for you?
To the victor go the spoils
Bread Tug Of War
Doing anything to reach the next bamboo shoot
Panda Push
Motorcycles of the Future
Chrome Bikes
Latest politically correct paleface to join the NFL drumbeat
Renaming Washington Redskins
How to take the wind out of one's sail
Surprise Announcement
Six finger bench hands reach out to tourists
Gold Finger Seating
Bubba's portable BBQ fits on his portable deck
Redneck Porch
Bubba enjoys his extreme home waterslide
Redneck Waterslide
'Cause we care about our computer friends!
Neck Exercises to do at the Computer
Just horsing around at the beach
Horse Holiday
Bubba's portable window workmate
Redneck Power Windows
Today's dog has it much better
Dining Dogs
Bridging the gap - highway edition
Mid Road Parking Spot
Bubba shares a few Barge Brewskie with his friends
Redneck Water Barge
When two heads are better than one
Window View
When quality goes down in an auto body shop
Car Plunge
Drinking games for the 'pour'
Waterfall Drinkers
How on-ice distractions distracted the Boston Bruins in the 2013 Stanly Cup
Why the Blackhawks Sold Their Zamboni
The family is now complete at Disney World
Donald's Ducks
Bubba's dog is very photogenic
Hurry Picture
Do you have problems with a peeping Tom?
Peeping Tom
If the downspout can't handle the heavy rain, then let's help it
Eavestrough Help
Bubba's iron doubles as a hot plate
Redneck Coffee Pot
A mother's care around the world
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