Mel Hardman Submissions
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Dow Jones coins dramatic change in methodology
Paradigm Shift
The medical truth about Johann Sebastian Bach
the Joe-kster flips over more humour at
Wheelie Joe
Parting the waters ahead of his time
Moses As A Lifeguard
Bloated currency - Britain's Pound Sterling has seen better years
Five Pound Note
Turning a Halfstein into a Wholestein - beer with us!
Holstein or Holestein?
Side Car or Slide Car?
Mennonite's peaceful version of 'Hunger Games'
Unger Games
How nature touches up a face
Tree Artists
Religious inspiration from the Beatles
Rabbi Road
Use manage-able chunks when dealing with workplace stress
Manager Meal
Tips on how not to organize your office paperwork
Another Day At The Office
Specialists in high rise climbing ladders
Window Cleaning in New York
'New Revised Standard' version holds thousands of commandments
Moses' USB Tablets
eyeGoogle, do you?
Google Glasses
What they use as bait is a trade secret
Cornfield Fishing
How Earl Grey prefers to drink his favourite tea
Tea Shirt
Meat Loaf's suntan recipe
Meat Loaf
Adding motion to a duck decoy
Duck Gears
Teat Tweets: Transparent cow wins illusive 4-H dairy prize
Milk Cow Levels
Nutrition on candy cane sprinkle wheels
Doughnut Monster Truck
Restoring nature to its natural beauty
Paradise Reclaimed
New York's my cup of tea!
Statue of Libertea
The Joe-kster's Walk of Fame
Abbey Road
Finding the best surf spots in Hawaii
Hawaii Surfing
World's 1st DJ turntablist - hip hop in the 1700s
Bach Scratching
Design flaws of the German Luftwaffe
Inspiration for a spot o' Macbeth
Shakespeare - The Early Years
'Hogs and Kisses' to all fine swine!
Pig Valentine
World's longest water slide unveiled in France
Eiffel Slide
England moves from Bailey Bridge to Lorry Bridge
Putting the pool in LiverPool
World's first back-wards composer
Peeling back the layers of personal privacy
Tear-Paper Wall
Skating towards a downhill surprise
Google Snowball
Don't settle for imitation Soccer or fake World Cup football
Real FootBall
Running out of time - holding on to the last minute
Cut-Off Deadline
Homer Simpson as a Spanish conquistador
Santa's getting too old to be climbing down chimneys
Old Santa
Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards lends a lorry
Snow Shuttle
Who can feel safe with King Kong and Godzilla in town?
King Kong vs Godzilla
Putting the King of the Monsters in his place
Godzilla vs God
This ghoulfriend makes no bones about it
Halloween Greeting
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles U.S. Invasion
With Or Without The Beatles
'Hang Time' is important when preparing for the Turtlympics
Terrapin Toss
Overthrow of Libyan leader by NATO intervention
The Misadventures of Super Muammario
Tribute to Peter Falk (Sep 16, 1927 - Jun 23, 2011)
That's All Falks!
Pictures of New York City during Hurricane Irene
New York Blackout
Big Bob does motorcycle wheelies
Harlie's Angel
Mark Webber feeling 'lucky' after European Grand Prix 200 mph crash
Webber Upside Down
Choosing the best Kiwi topping
Kiwi Hair Brush
Conan “hands” over Tonight Show to Leno
Jay Leno Saga
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