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I know what you're getting for Christmas...
Star Wars Christmas
When da whole house was mella
Italian Night Before Christmas
Where hackers were a-surfing
Twas the Internet Night Before Christmas
Where not a circuit was buzzing, not one microchip
Star Trek 'Next Generation' Night Before Christmas
How to get your entire family together for Christmas
Scottish Christmas
More rapid than X-lax his wooly sheep came
Redneck Night Before Christmas
When only the best will do for her
Wife's Christmas Present
Emergency Contact Numbers
Bible Reference
Definition(s) for the Humourist
Time and date line up numerically for the first time since July 8, 1909
July 8, 2009 - 12:34:56/7/8/9
Laughter burns calories
5 Steps to a Healthy Diet
Playing head games
Bar Brain
Delivery of Christmas presents comes to a halt
Santa's On Strike This Year
Experience an Earthquake - Shake one of your own!
Earthquake Experience
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