Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1113

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A road rage driver's running tally
Road Totals
Kim Jong-Un prepares his Army for intense drills
North Korea Army Training
Filling in for the job of Branch Manager
He Was Due For A Promotion
Shaky doorbell leads to shaky entrance
Please Shake
Mr. McGregor's Garden after Peter the Rabbit moved away
Cabbage Record
Where Star Trek will begin
Future Birthplace
Waveboard Ping-Pong - latest sports game
Ping Wrong
Instruments for bare bones concerts
Skull Violins
Taking a canal tour without the 'sea'
Copenhagen Tour
91 year old grandpa mowing his ditch banks
Mower Handle Extender
Falling rains turns this 'Funnell Wall' into a musical instrument
Rain Funnels
Latest craze on the Bayou: Bubba's frog puppets
Frog Phobia
James Bond in his early years
Have A Seat, Mr. Bond
Tasty game of Russian Roulette
Bite The Bullet Chocolate
Gold spokes for a golden kid
Rich Kid On The Block
Perfect solution for airport security
Israeli TSA
Polite way of saying, 'Clean up after your dog'
Unless Your Dog Can Do This
Tips on what to leave for the bear
Bear Expectations
No-hands motorcyclist
Foot Race
Looking for handouts?
Elephant Hand
Some people thought that Teresa had the biggest melons at the fair
Bird Melons
Complete forearm workout while you tackle daily chores
Gun control in North America
'Scooters For Seniors' has the run of the town
Onward, My Noble Steed!
Hands-free entry to the room of germs
Sanitary Door Opener
Lots of parking for those who don't park a lot
Parking Privilege
Wind strength from chain angle
Wyoming Wind Sock
New police traffic initiative
Cell Phone Warning
Deflecting a power-full pitch
Why Helmets Work
How to interpret traffic signs
Road Sign Dictionary
Good to the last drop
Tongue Twister
A better alternative to burnt offerings at home
Burnt Beer
Home improvement ideas start in the parking lot
Lowe's Holes
Eating right off the earth, au nature
Green Picnic Table
Lighting the way with 3D holographic images
3D Tree Projection
Online image editors with free bug installation tips
How To Fail at Photoshopping Pictures
At least he's left with a car
Just Divorced
How to inspire yourself towards another pint
Efficient Humans
How ancient Egyptians communicated with their gods
First High-Five
Credentials that will satisfy any organization's appetite
Resume Bar
Piggyback transportation saves everybody money
Ship Shipping Ships
Uncovering the true Director
Hats Off
Tree Transplant by Art Arborist
Tree Standout
Sail away with an excellent fish recipe
Fish Boat
A wire brush works best for cleaning teeth without toothpaste
Hippo Toothbrush
When water 'leaves' a plant
Leaf Edge
What not to look forward to on the ski slope
Hair Tan
Harnessing a buggy ride wrought from horseshoes
Iron Horse Carriage
Hanging on to a better idea
Light Bulb
Bar and Grill for those with indifferent appetites
Where Do You Want To Eat?
Wedding invites for every possible guest
My buddy keeps telling me how souped up his car is
Souped Up Car
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