Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1147

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8 things the Marines aren't telling the Navy
Marine Secrets
Out with the old, in with the new - a continuing Canadian saga
Welcome To Canada
My boss's idea of going on a holiday
Calculator Flip Flops
What colour meat do you get when you cross beef with chicken?
All White Meat
Big stork announcement to come
Stork Delivery
Dating site for Pit Bull dogs
Kissing Booth
Cutting the grass in style
Military Mower
Flowchart direction to flowing drinks
Everything OK Bar
Slanted building or downward cars?
Point Of View Downer
Budget cuts are starting to take their toll
Sheriff Cutbacks
3D Sculptures made of suspended sewing buttons
Sewing Sculpture
Deerlusion for mountain cyclists
Montana Mountain Bike
Placing a face on the NBA Brooklyn Nets
Nothing But Net
Taking a bite out of travel luggage
Jam Packed Suitcase
Because riding ponies is for pussies
Reptile Ride
Fowl recession going on in America
Economy Hit Hard
When food is left unattended at the picnic table
Watermelon Treat
High priority setting at a French Canadian intersection
Quebec Stop Sign
Playground prankster
Spiral Playground
Skydiver breaks sound barrier
Going Out On A Limb
If it wasn't broken we would fix it
Secret Of A Long Marriage
Except for...
Cheap Cars For Sale
Warning: huge aggressive spider in cup
Best Office Prank
What happens at the art gallery after hours
Canvas Rest Break
Looking your best front and sideways
Back it up, play time is over!
Snow Roller
Pre-school is so much more demanding these days
Busy Schedule
Introducing the Real Volkswagen insect
VW Bug
Finding a use for discarded Nike running shoes
Bonding with the missing link
Tie Wrap Security
Why you might want to own your own business
Work Hard Philosophy
Some welding classes don't last very long
Welder's Last Stand
Nothing but the freedom of the open road
Born To Be Wild
Learning the sixth basic ballet position
Painful Ballet
So close but yet so hard!
Frozen Fish Meal
Split decision on cutting edge road safety picture
I 'Saw' An Accident
Where there are almost no shortcuts...
Road To Success
How to relax during a boring lecture
Attentive Student
Precipitation measurement in Winterpeg, Canada
Corgi Snow Height
Imitation police radar is no match for alteration specialists
Radar Replacement
Rust protection systems in China
Rust-ic Truck
Fans will do anything to support the Detroit Red Wings
Wings Fans Are Ruthless
Tell Me Your Fortune - Show Me My Dynasty
Temple Car
Reconditioned tri-mobile is Bubba's favourite European car
New Audi
Setting high standards for campers
Tower of Hammocks
Free of charge!
Dead Batteries
Here's to you... and you... and you...
Norwegian fairy tale comes to life
Billy Goat Gruff
Don't run downwind from the pack
Marathon Runner Tip
And the 'Shadiest Mechanic Award' goes to...
Blinker Fluid
Best tire traction for winter roads
Redneck Winter Tires
How to make pet-friendly Tofu
Cat Tofu
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