Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1147

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Fence art illusion knot to be outdone
Happy Wood Pig
Turning road safety upside down
Truck Bender
Rookie pumber installs a permanent water shutoff valve
Copper Tubing Specialist
Strong competition in the small world
Insect Food Fight
Taking the fun out of hyper-inflated playground rides
Emergency Stops Only
Going for a ride with your pet alligator
See You Later
New place to hang boy's toys
Lego Key Holder
Dog-gone good helper in the workshop
Mechanic Apprentice
How Alabama originated the phrase: 'On a wing and a prayer'
Redneck Helicopter
Teddy bears for rodents
Rat Toys
Living in Canada has its benefits, including the weather
Canadian Suntan
I Yam A Fan Of Yours
My Sweet Potato
Why Woody Allen wants to live backwards
My Next Life
Who says cubicles suck?
Office Cubicle Inspiration
The city that never sleeps
New York Time Lapse
Brick work hanging in the balance
Mason Scaffold
When you know you need a new operating system
Windows Cell Phone
I think I'll hang out there for a while
Hanging Around
Feeding inmates at Jurassic Park
Mother-In-Law Moment
When only the best bench seat will do
Mother-In-Law Seat
He's got the whole world in his hands
Plane Catcher
Lining up for morning inspection
Puppy Roll Call
First Chapter of a long relationship
Understanding Women - Pocket Edition
We're not sure why it didn't sink the first time...
The Unsinkable - Take 2
Stopping at celebrity stop signs
Idling Eric Idle
Colony Camouflage on National Bird Day
Flamingo Island
Moss be a really good sneaker to last that long
Old Running Shoe
Ive always wanted a vacuum cleaner that could do that
Vacuum Clean Coffee
This cylist is over the hill and over the flames
Cyclist Roast
The plane truth about skydiving
Travel Clothes
Can you find the leopard in this picture?
Spot the Snow Leopard
Making a pointed billboard statement
Point Of View
Scuba diving safety tips for boat decks
Octopus Prey
It was running before it was taken out of the car
Engine Replacement
Religion faces tough competition in the food mall
Communion Wafers
Offshoot games for Pet Rocks
Fidget Spinners
Crosswalk for gentlemen
Denmark Traffic Signals
Road crossing for workers with heavy loads
Italian Board Walk
Lifelike Da Vinci Impressionists
Statue Pose
Almost like floating on air
How To Float
The richness of Chinese buffet food
Poor Fortune Cookie Message
Being on nature's cutting edge
Leaf Surgery
Don't step on gum - you might get some sticky keys
Keyboard Running Shoes
Inspiration from the back of a canary yellow pick-me-up truck
Pickup Bartender
Why be too tired when you can be three tired?
Tire Trike
Hope y'all come to visit!
Welcome To Texas
Park-n-Hide option for 'lowrider' cars
Underground Parking
Chomping at the bit for Spring to come
Alligator Ice
A slice a day keeps bad weather away
Weather Forecast Toaster
Bite-size appetite at the zoo
Polar Breath
Cupcakes - either you like them or you don't
Which Way Cupcakes
Visiting China's Red Light district
Buddha Is Watching You
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