Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1147

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How to stand out in the crowd
StandOut Island
Transparent pet goes for look-through walk
Wireframe Dog
Many hands make light work
HandyMen Teamwork
Knit Wits in Scotland produce many yarns
Scottish Knitware
Transformers that bug you
Cicada Man
Carrier pigeons that were faster than speeding bullets
Urgent World War I Message
Dinner will be ready in just a Minotaur
Centaur of Attraction
It'll Be Fun They Said
Get A Dog They Said
A little bit of electrical tape can make a day
Trooper Tape
This farmer should have bought 'no fault' insurance
Italian Corn Maze
Restoring a previously-restored Classic Car
Uplifting Antique Car
Latest in city graffiti removal
PacMan Road Crossing
Truck turning lights for tailgating drivers
Blinky Thing
Both bucket loaders need a nap
Work Siesta
Auto body repair by high-end specialists
Please Help My Car
How an Illustrious Sir moves up the line
Shriners Pony Ride
Big game hunting on the road
Boar-ing Nature Tours
Truck parking spots on the Canadian prairies
Napping Semis
Worn out signs with alternate meanings
Unfortunate Sign Burnouts
Look closer...
Corner Stone Art
Sampler and Analyzer with split spit screen
Find hot deals on used Corvette race cars
Hot Corvette
Ewe heard about the animal long-rider?
Goat Bike
What Americans couldn't do: find a weapon of mass destruction
North Korea's Secret Weapon
Craving for a Carving
Hand Carved Dresser
Some new packages require re-installation instructions
New iPhone - Special Delivery
Air Force drops troops of food into Afghanistan
I Eat Soldiers For Breakfast
Use of desert coolers when it's 50 degrees C outside
Iraq Cooler
Warming up to an attention-getting intersection
Warm Stop Sign
Clash of the kitchen knives
On Guard!
Every drop in the bucket counts
Creative Charity
As if a PT Cruiser wasn't humiliating enough
SUV Stagecoach
Some young people have energy to burn
New Ghost Rider
How to elongate avocado sauce
Holy Guacamoley
Looks like the camera operator didn't own the car
Car Dash Pet Camera
Rated #1 by the owner and his mother
Self-Assumed Quality Service
Preventing back seat accidents
Birth Control At Its Finest
Ongoing reach for the best framed portrait
Hands On Painting
Abraham Lincoln reconsiders his State of the Nation Address
Texas Sandfest Winning Sculpture
How animals camouflage - the ultimate disappearing act
The Mighty Stegosaurus
Star Wars technology for fast-grilled dogfights
TIE Fighter BBQ
Guess your car needed a jump
Leap Frog
Standing on the canine top of the world
Dog Balance
Home-on-the-range cooking at its best
My Toaster Is Broken
Flower Power Illusion
Monster Outside
Lawn care for those who now don't care
Tore The Carpet Up Today
The one that got away during swimming lessons
Pet Fish Chores
1928 Tommy Gun in a custom violin case
Violint Endings
Trying to stop pets from smoking dropped cigarette butts
Smoking Cat
Late breaking news from Down Under
Reaching out for a tourist sandwich
Inquisitive Polar Bear
Canine hat trick
Magic Puppies
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