Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1071

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Placing a face on the NBA Brooklyn Nets
Nothing But Net
Because riding ponies is for pussies
Reptile Ride
Deerlusion for mountain cyclists
Montana Mountain Bike
Chomping at the bit for Spring to come
Alligator Ice
Eat it before his face gets too ripe!
Banana Sculpture
When rainbows taste good
Ice Cone Cat
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un waves from one of his naval ships
Naval Salute
Taking a bite out of travel luggage
Jam Packed Suitcase
Searching for kosher food in Mexico
Mexican Jews
Driving in the good old days...
Country SUV
Budget cuts are starting to take their toll
Sheriff Cutbacks
3D Sculptures made of suspended sewing buttons
Sewing Sculpture
Chuck Norris pays a visit to North Korea
Here Comes Trouble
Slanted building or downward cars?
Point Of View Downer
Luxury is complementary in this dog shelter
Now That's A Dog House
Flowchart direction to flowing drinks
Everything OK Bar
Satellite images with twisted perspective
Google Earth Glitches
Belieber fans start at an early age
Justin Beiber Clothing
Where to check your family's medical symptoms
Costco Doctor
Dating site for Pit Bull dogs
Kissing Booth
Car Camouflage on the eastern front
VW Garden
Donald Trump's popularity spreads to Germany
Dusseldorf Carnival Float
Sound matchmaking advice
Dating Time Saver
When it simply HAS to be there, yesterday
DHL Express
Camouflage Dachshund
Tiger Dog
What colour meat do you get when you cross beef with chicken?
All White Meat
Keeping the leap year calculation clothes to you
Leap Year Shirt
My boss's idea of going on a holiday
Calculator Flip Flops
World disarmament plans get shot down in Texas
Paper Guns
Why Volcano Boarding is an adrenaline rush - except for the rock landing
Real Men Don't Snowboard, they Volcano Board
Get those hands off the snooze button!
Conquering My Snooze Addiction
8 things the Marines aren't telling the Navy
Marine Secrets
Doing business in the Ukraine: making a bum deal
Awkward Conversation
Reality TV for dogs
Dog Watcher
Can you spot the illusive wildlife?
Find The Hidden Animals
Just remembered that I left my coat at home
Coatless Cat
Custom van etched to perfection
Van Go
Not everyone thought it was a groovy party
What's That Smell?
Yuletide inspiration from the husband
Christmas Shopping At The Mall
Scientists have found a way to successfully walk cats
Cat Walking
Why Woody Allen wants to live backwards
My Next Life
Your morning toast now comes with a weather report
Weather Forecast Toaster
Wash out for the cat!
Washing Machine Cat
Where they sleep in Winterpeg
Canadian Winter Bed
The new amphibious model
Cashing in on post-Halloween candy sales
Post Halloween Stress
Wrapped up for winter weather
Billy the Eagle Owl
Little unknown factoid
Balloon Gas
When a keystroke can lead to a key stroke
Wrong Email Address
New place to hang boy's toys
Lego Key Holder
How to live before you die
iSad - Tribute to Steve Jobs
How Alabama originated the phrase: 'On a wing and a prayer'
Redneck Helicopter
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