Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1091

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Road crossing for workers with heavy loads
Italian Board Walk
Lifelike Da Vinci Impressionists
Statue Pose
Giving a hoot in the country
Owl Garden
He's got the whole world in his hands
Plane Catcher
How to prepare overcooked hot dogs
Wiener Fire
A country with a bark worse than its bite
North Korean Rhetoric
Disneyland opens up a new theme park in the Russian Urals
Walt Chelyabinskney
How to keep your eyes focussed
Owl Rotation
At least Bubba didn't let the fox into the chicken coop
Redneck Chicken Farmer
How to draw attention away from a truck driver
Moosejaw Driver
When you park like a jerk, karma will get you
Double Parkers
Almost like floating on air
How To Float
Outdoor dining in the Philippines
Waterfall Restaurant
Eclipse, Earthquake, Heat Wave, Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes - bring it on!
Welcome To Texas II
Good job, Gentlemen
Bieber Backlash
Bonus catch on a good fishing day
'2 For 1' Fishing
It's your turn, North Korea
North Korea Coin Toss
Mitt Romney's shades of women in binders
Binders Full of Women
Finding a good resting place
Dog Sitters
First Chapter of a long relationship
Understanding Women - Pocket Edition
Lining up for morning inspection
Puppy Roll Call
Help with noise abatement in the bathroom
Noise Cancelling Toilet
Used yacht for sail sale
The Unsinkable - Take 2
In lieu of a Coin Toss in the United Kingdom
Coin Wishing Tree
Colony Camouflage on National Bird Day
Flamingo Island
Don't mess with the space/time continuum, bro!
Lost Wormhole
Desktop icons personalized to fit your screen
Wallpapers Done Right
Being on nature's cutting edge
Leaf Surgery
Don't step on gum - you might get some sticky keys
Keyboard Running Shoes
Celebrity joins the growing line of unemployed
Today's Unemployment Line
Whataya have?
Pickup Bartender
Flashback to 'Back To The Future'
What pension worries?
Senior Health Care Solution
Eventually a dog will end up with a sporting cone
All Fun And Games
Trains have Cow Catchers but Bubba has a Bulldog Pushe
Bronze Bulldog
'Who' will take care of it?
Owl Deal With It
Portrait of my reflection
Cat Artist
Unmarked police car catches speeding Lada drivers
Belarus Police Car
Setting sun creates perfect backdrop
Parking meters that take all your money
Authentication of Parking in Austin, Texas
Bow and arrow to be replaced by bow and bazooka
Military Cuts Have Gone Too Far
Bubba's first day as a swamp lifeguard
No Drowning
Choosing an environmentally-friendly security alarm system
Neighborhood Watch
Cellphone accessories that rise to the occasion
Window Phone Chargers
The Age of Dinosaurs held up by helium
Balloon Dinosaur
Home made rabbit ears
Funny Bunny
Which spray nozzle fragrance sets you apart?
Restroom Fragrance
Pixar's real life movie inspiration
Up With Carl
Richard III plays amazing game of Hide and Seek
New World Record Holder
Face to face with weld-done alligators
Steampunk Gators
Kremlin paws on the outskirts of Moscow
Cat Path
Things looked bad for Amy that day at the playschool
No-Elephant Building
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