Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1093

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Fence art illusion knot to be outdone
Happy Wood Pig
Bubba wanted to see if his truck had a roll bar
Truck Bender
Wise old cat
Make It Work
Possession is nine-tenths of the law
It's All Mine
So that's what they were...
Small Speed Bumps
Passing a dictionary test without diction
Eye Halve A Spelling Checker
This cylist is over the hill and over the flames
Cyclist Roast
Ive always wanted a vacuum cleaner that could do that
Vacuum Clean Coffee
French Street under seige
Texas 4 Months Apart
Is there any lean, gluten-free bacon?
Bacon Munchies
Ingenious kitchen cabinet organizers
Corner Drawers
Giving a hoot in the Holiday Season
Eastern Screech Owl
Who is the biggest clown?
Superman Rebuff
How to extend a window frame for a better view
Window Recliner
Putting a face to a park resident
Tree Eyes
At least the tree lived through the car accident
Wrap Around Tree
Can you find the leopard in this picture?
Spot the Snow Leopard
Making a pointed billboard statement
Point Of View
Parking ticket issued to Austrian artist Erwin Wurm
Bent Car Sculpture
Ford has a better idea?
Ford Mistakes
PaleFace - my skin is dark but my heart is white
Patriotic Fund
Long hair styles without style
Hair Do
Truck trailer hitch vs. Honda grill
Got Your Nose
Getting mooned in the pumpkin patch
Pumpkin Buns
Carving before settlers arrived in America
Native Pumpkin
Pointing towards a scary Halloween
Pumpkin Zombie
Flash flooding in Texas
Houston Parking Lot
When you know Halloween is just around the corner
Bush Zombie
Pittsburgh promotes a new citizen awareness program
Zombie Disposal
It's tough surviving in the pumpkin patch these days
Pumpkin Bully
Carving something beautiful out of something ugly
Pumpkin Ogre
Having a carving for Norse craftsmanship
Viking Pumpkin
A big Pumpkin Patch Kid
Pumpkin Seat
Carve crafting a perfect cat's eye
Cat Pumpkins
What happens 9 months after Halloween
Pumpkin Baby
Food recipe for big appetites
World's Largest Pumpkin Pie
Bet you never guest the Romans
Origin of the Whoopee Cushion
When rolling stops aren't adequate
Did I Say Stop?
Sampler and Analyzer with split spit screen
Converting sports cars to demo derby clunkers
Sports Car Delivery in Texas
Scuba diving safety tips for boat decks
Octopus Prey
Fame claimers in recent years
Popular Trends: 2010-2012
Engineer-designed house sets new illustrative guidelines
Centex Home Design
Strong competition in the small world
Insect Food Fight
A better way to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener
Cell Phone Bottle Opener
What do cats dream of?
Barbie Cat
Bulk sales of sacramental bread
Communion Wafers
Offshoot games for Pet Rocks
Fidget Spinners
Crosswalk for gentlemen
Denmark Traffic Signals
Road crossing for workers with heavy loads
Italian Board Walk
Lifelike Da Vinci Impressionists
Statue Pose
Giving a hoot in the country
Owl Garden
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