Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1113

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After-life shopping in Georgia
Redneck Estate Sale
Do you prefer a Biscuit Pocket or a Biscuit Bucket?
Best Tea Cup
Looks like I'm not going home
Florida Car Alarm
Having a bad zipper day?
Finally a weather forecast you can count on!
Clever Weather Billboard
NBA basketball stars on and off the court
Big Basketball Fan
A 'fine' way to get better grades
Cheat Sheet
Animals in the Great White North adapt to surroundings
Canadian Squirrel
Fine art insurance for the clumsy tourist
Vase Security
Catching a ride with Mom
HorseBack Riding
A Canadian actor never flat-footed for a photo op
Big Foot Returns to The Screen
The safest time to ride a rattlesnake
Taxidermy Ride
Finding the best kayak alternative
Senior's Paddle Surfboard
Getting a handle on brief clothing
Counting down the due date on the farm
Free At Last
The down side of being an elephant veterinarian
Let 'Er Rip
How to put the spark back in your relationship
Motorcycle Grind
Pointing the way to a cleaner sinus
S'not The Way
What tire stores call 'Rolling Stock'
Wheely Unstable
Spa treatment by Earl Grey
Japanese Tea Bath
Swimming in debt?
Underwater Home
Does anyone know what kind of hummingbird this is?
Big Bird Feeder
Bear with an open door policy
Anyone Home?
Celebrity actor makes good by playing on his name
Morgan Freeman
A closeup of Robert De Niro
De Niro
Here the wild Toyota burrows in the snow to begin its winter hibernation
Burrowing Toyota
Three foot long road obstacles in Ireland
Irish Pothole
Some young people have energy to burn
New Ghost Rider
Transparent pet goes for look-through walk
Wireframe Dog
Minions serving despicable villains in the car
Trunk Minions
Find hot deals on used Corvette race cars
Hot Corvette
World's 1st hybrid Smart Car
Amish Smart Car
Knit Wits in Scotland produce many yarns
Scottish Knitware
Go home tree, you're drunk
Voodoo Golf Tree
Both bucket loaders need a nap
Work Siesta
Dinner will be ready in just a Minotaur
Centaur of Attraction
Rated #1 by the owner and his mother
Self-Assumed Quality Service
Every drop in the bucket counts
Creative Charity
Air Force drops troops of food into Afghanistan
I Eat Soldiers For Breakfast
Ongoing reach for the best framed portrait
Hands On Painting
Looking your best on the summit peak
Mountain Iron Man
Preventing back seat accidents
Birth Control At Its Finest
New kippah headdress appears in the Israeli Knesset
Just Jew It
Tree tattoo supports wildlife
Owl Perch Necklace
A Palestinian protester returns a tear gas canister to Israeli troops
Palestine Regifting
Bubba finds way to extend a telephone pole's useful life
Redneck Pole Support
Skidmarks in the sand
Beach Drag
When it absolutely positively has to get there overnight
Dollar stores are not known for the quality of their goods
Kitchen Thing
Customers may have to wait for the crumbs to fall
The Domino's Effect
Light Sleepers vs. Heavy Sleepers
Heavy Sleeper
How to stand out in the crowd
StandOut Island
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