Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1093

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Tapping into India's scarce resources
Water Supply
Performance transmission without performance
Race Break
Setting the scene for a pleasant walk on Vancouver Island
When Morning Gilds The Sky
Returning to the Star Wars Canine Galaxy
Chewie, We're Home
Why some fans love the Boston Bruins
Hooking Penalty
Going to Serengeti?
Zebra Bus Stop
This one's Just Grate!
Best Manhole Cover
Going the extra mile to serve customers in their cars
Drive-Thru Pharmacy
Ship pilots that lead by example
Porpoise Pilots
English police work hard to bring in the bacon
Pig Arrest
Rare mint coins a-head of their time
Cutout Coin Silhouettes
Cycling Down Under
Australian Cyclist
Fast Food for Race Car Drivers
Liftup Lunch
How bartenders get tipsy on the job
Bartender Spill
Going on a holiday without the computer
Vacation Time For Kids
Nursing student puts artificial limbs to good use in class
Texting For Dummies
Perestroika allows Boris more playtime along the Volga
Water Skiing in Russia
Moon Trailer from beginning to end
Moon Harvest
Building blocks for a young Chess Grandmaster
Turning brown into green
Ben Dover Plumbing
Which actor will show up?
Gene Wilder
Suspended animation for a racing sports car
Corvette Suspension
After-life shopping in Georgia
Redneck Estate Sale
How Little Johnny experienced his first Lobster Tail
Daddy, Can I Ride It?
Do you prefer a Biscuit Pocket or a Biscuit Bucket?
Best Tea Cup
Looks like I'm not going home
Florida Car Alarm
Having a bad zipper day?
Finally a weather forecast you can count on!
Clever Weather Billboard
NBA basketball stars on and off the court
Big Basketball Fan
A 'fine' way to get better grades
Cheat Sheet
Animals in the Great White North adapt to surroundings
Canadian Squirrel
Fine art insurance for the clumsy tourist
Vase Security
Catching a ride with Mom
HorseBack Riding
A Canadian actor never flat-footed for a photo op
Big Foot Returns to The Screen
The safest time to ride a rattlesnake
Taxidermy Ride
Finding the best kayak alternative
Senior's Paddle Surfboard
Getting a handle on brief clothing
Counting down the due date on the farm
Free At Last
The down side of being an elephant veterinarian
Let 'Er Rip
How to put the spark back in your relationship
Motorcycle Grind
Pointing the way to a cleaner sinus
S'not The Way
What tire stores call 'Rolling Stock'
Wheely Unstable
Spa treatment by Earl Grey
Japanese Tea Bath
Swimming in debt?
Underwater Home
Does anyone know what kind of hummingbird this is?
Big Bird Feeder
Bear with an open door policy
Anyone Home?
Celebrity actor makes good by playing on his name
Morgan Freeman
A closeup of Robert De Niro
De Niro
Here the wild Toyota burrows in the snow to begin its winter hibernation
Burrowing Toyota
Three foot long road obstacles in Ireland
Irish Pothole
Some young people have energy to burn
New Ghost Rider
Transparent pet goes for look-through walk
Wireframe Dog
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