Keith Blake Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1113

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French cuisine takes on Eiffel Tower image
France-Is Bacon
Modeled after Greek celebrations to express happiness
Anger Release Machine
Adding a picnic lunch to your next bicycle tour
Bicycle Dining
New car specifications clean up after themselves
Courtesy Option
Fashion Week in the Big Apple
I Will Never Understand Fashion
Catching up on a literary classic
Thrilling Read
Police were called to the scene of the axe-ident
Someone Is Upset
Catch of the day
Lost Meal
How to get a better look at the fish you catch
Pixel art on the ski hill
Human Pixels
Africa rolls out new Hybrid gas vehicle
African Wheelbarrow
Hamming it up at lunch time
Open Face Sandwich
Feeling poolish on a warm day
Drain Swimmer
Balloon navigation reaches highest point in its space
Landing On The Moon
Safety begins by not giving it to Junior
Early Shave
Listen to all your clan's favourite music
Tartan Headphones
On the cutting edge of food preparation
Pizza Cutter
How cyclists protect themselves in heavy traffic
Shark Tricyle
Baby food for chocoholics
Nutella Soother
Life is too short for the wrong job
Behind The Scenes
Dealing with water restrictions in the suburbs
They All Look So Jacozy
Looking for an easier way to travel across the country
Flying is so Overrated
The Four Seasons y'all remember
Crash Course in Texas Weather
Talking parrots deserve better than a caged environment
Nothing Can Stop Me Now
What today's passengers call stress on a cruise ship
Worst Cruise Ever
Some paintings crave attention
He Looked Thirsty
Einstein's theory about space
It's About Time
Safety first when fighting the neighbour's house fire
Cautious Fireman
Bagging a small special at the latest store sale
Two Hand Handbag
Touring kayak no longer on tour
Kayak Funeral
Fresh gourmet spices for the kitchen herb specialist
Ultimate Spice Rack
Winner of the retirement home's 'Still Motion Cyclist' award
Aging Cyclist
When a cure can be found in the next aisle
Diabetes Medication
Keeping student's eyes on their own exam papers
How To Prevent Cheating
Record high temperatures turn poodles into puddles
Melted Dog
MacIsaac found it hard to choose between the options
Scottish Choices
Wilbur's fat-free ice cream cone was for the birds
Ice Cream Thief
Moving experience with transmission cross leading way
Uplifting Church
f'Eel good catch of the Century
It's A Keeper
Crying fowl on a Canadian Prairie lake
Optimistic Goose
Why their honeymoon got off to a bad start
Before The Impact
Buying a van just big enough for your tractor
Tight Tractor
Mr. Bean laps scooter racers
Been Lapped
Too busy to strut around?
There's plenty of room in a Ford pickup!
Pickup Park
How good are you at reading body language?
A Woman's Hands
Turning flower into flour
Baked Tulips
There's nothing plane about their menu
Plane Restaurant
Off the wall climbing - who needs a ladder?
Wall Climb
Broomstick used by top Quidditch Players and Wizards
Harry Potter Parking
Raising the bar for Russian sharpshooters
Estonia Vodka
Looks like another way to enter the matrix
Teeth Whitening
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