Karen Moore Submissions
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Signs that you're running an uneven race
Running Track
To Drink or Not To Drink - that is the question
Should You Drink Wine?
Walking the dog AND watching the game!
Dog Walking - Remotely
The sign said '9 items or less' so I changed my name to Les
Express Checkout
Train derail-meant - your last train ride
Wrong Way Train
Bubba prefers to let off his own air in his car
Redneck Air Bags
... especially when you're the meal ...
Life Sucks
Home On The Range - if you live in Wyoming
Redneck's Open Range
Choosing the road not taken is easy if you live near Vancouver, B.C.
Hope or Despair
How's Your Claustrophobia?
Alien Smuggling
Why Bubba lets his wife pickup the mail
Cyclist Mailbox
3-way community stop for truth and conscious living
Superior Church
The danger of tightrope walking without a fish net
Tightrope Bike
Titanium handcuff shim, hidden in plain view
Escape Ring
When an unexpected visitor 'waves' at you
Surfer's Dilemma - Oh No!
Latest in Ghetto footwear
My Doctor says I need glasses
Glass Prescription
While she shops on the Sunshine Coast...
Husband Parking
Latest in pincushion hairstyles
Acupuncture Face
Dentist invitation for well-used dentures
Chu Your Food Well
COVERing the city that never sleeps
New York's Morning Cup of Java
Recycled sheep humour
Re-Ewes Me
Hospital introduces new 'Meals On Wheels' Program
Formula One Wheelchair
Fighting fires in the U.S. and China
Fire Engine Bikes
Music intervals for a U.S. holiday
Happy 4th of July
Tired of being harassed by your stupid parents?
Teenage Independence
A taste of Mediterranean in Vancouver
Falafully Good
In-hair-itance from professional ancestors
Dentist Talk
Flowers to fit every Redneck's needs
Big Boots To Fill
... or eat the roses within
Stop And Smell The Flowers
Celebrating Father's Day around the world
Ways to say 'Dad' in Different Languages
Fathers Day Special at Canadian Tire
Buy Whatever
Why do buildings collapse during an earthquake?
Earthquake Ready Building
I wish it would stop flying around...
Can You Find the Hidden Bird?
When two lifts are better than one
Dual Fork Lift
Making possible the impossible
Strange Sculptures
Caps and hats for birding enthusiasts
What to expect at a Nanaimo, B.C. barber shop
Shear Agony
Knowledge of Roman Numerals comes in handy in Italy
Roman Emergency
Downside to a Designer Home
Stairway Chute
Are you prepared for summer?
Prayer Conditioning
Why God made Moms
Ode to Mothers
I improve with wine
Wine Improves With Age
This is one hot red-neck!
Reverse Red-neck ... Feel The Burn
One way drive
Which Way To Go?
The cow can't believe its luck - if only it's edible
Top-Heavy Truck with Afro Haircut
Little Johnny props egg on his face
What's In Easter?
Why Easter has been canceled this year
Easter Canceled
When two focused eyes are better than one on the battlefield
Army Seeing Eye Dog
How to dispose of used computer parts
Boa Constrictor Catches A Mouse
Hawaiian reason to put off the inevitable
A Shark Ate My Homework
Police protocol for animal road safety
Runaway Ostrich
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