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Solving hardware problems one byte at a time
Computer Support
Cautious escalator takes acting lessons
Escalator Performance
Transparent picture that radiates own approval
Radiologist Selfie
U.S. message to al Qaeda and the Taliban
New World Trade Center, New York
In memory of those who lost their lives during 9/11
Twin Towers of Hope
When in U.S., do as the politicians do
Roman Empire in the 21st Century
Sage advice from Indian Chief 'Two Eagles'
Where White Man Went Wrong
Volunteer targets for stunt car drivers
Desert Road Bumps
Career decision made with lots of dough in mind
Becoming A Cop
When choosing paint colors may be a problem
Husband Colors
Making sense of who's on first
It Finally Happened
The Force is strong with this little one
Darth VadeHer
How I ground my kids
You Are Grounded
Food For Thought as Scrat gets closer to his goal
Ice Age Cake
Petting zoo where the pets do the petting
Child Mouth Full
Some college classes don't have time for breaks
Long Math Class
Holding on for all you've got
Ant Strength
Knitters get ready - it's time for another yarn bombing
Yarn Bombing a Bus
Where the surf is always a short drive away
Surfing Car
New weight loss program hits the streets
Free Chicken Strips
Whale size perspective
Sail Kite Whale
Search for blue buddies
Troll Convention
Mountain cycling that will rock you
Rock Jump
When farm kids get bored
Bale Face
Rely on your partner to watch your back
Lean Two Friends
Swim lessons in India before monsoon season
Parallel Diver
Some smoke their hay in Arizona
Hay For Sale
Building the world's highest unsafe construction scaffolds
Plank Road
So you think you can sing?
Wine Karaoke
Why should kids have all the fun?
Grown Up Yet?
Walking the plank to save the boss's boat
Sailing For The Boss
Feline prepared for cat curls
Cat Dugout
Bubba's motorcycle doubles as a weekend lawnmower
Moto Lawnmower
A man's bathroom etiquette guide
Chicks Be Like
Who wants to be a rich Congress Senator?
U.S. Millionaires
Topical antiseptic with alcohol and a dash of mercury
Mommy - this app doesn't tell me when to let go!
New Generation Priorities
Looking at a very cloud-e forecast
UFO Cloud
1/2 second before Tsunami hits Sumatra Island
Pre Tsunami
Perfect ending to a perfect day
Sunset Eclipse
How to take the float out of a float plane
Underwater Plane
Text messaging in the early 1900's
Texting In The Old Days
Bootiful baby sleeps beside memories of Dad
Dad In Mind
How to work your way into the dog house
Finding a Way Out
Most of the time life is good for a salmon
King Salmon Meal
For chain sleepers
Fence Sitter
How hard can you laugh?
Running Tears
Toys for Boys
New Nail Gun
Keep it closed or you'll lose the Dark Side
Dark Room
Horse Equestrian leads show in synchronized trot display
In Step Horse
Alzheimer's on the farm
Corn Maze For Old People
Transportation before the time of Henry Ford
Strange Old Vehicles
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