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Have you been naughty or nice this year?
Naughty For Santa
Here's a recipe I thought you would like for the holidays
Turkey Recipe
Bubba's present to his wife
Redneck's Pertty Yachts
3-year-old dog with paws the size of softballs
Where do you go for a quick fillup?
Out Of Gas
Are you having a hard time feeding your cars?
High Cost Of Gas for 2-Car Families
Memo from Santa re Santa's 3rd Cousin
Bubba Claus - Union Replacement for Santa
Things you don't say to your wife
How To Live A Long & Happy Life
Wireless vs. corded telephones - choosing the pain-Les option
'Looking Good' Wireless
What would you do with $164 Million?
Mega Million Winners
Only a Redneck can become his own grandpa!
Redneck Genealogy Lesson
Ever taken your dog for a walk and you both use the same tree?
You Might Be A Redneck If...
How Christmas Carols are sung in 2011
Carol Texting
Garden caddy for putting around at home
Tiger's New Golf Bag
Make my day, kid!
Fish Dads
Gets nasty, lets you get down to business
Texas Flashlight
Bold moves happen every day
Ford Police Chase
New sports drink with animal adrenaline
Soccer Squirrel
Please forward something that works!
Request for 2008
Fishin' with city slickers - a flash in the pan!
Pet Fish
What can your dog do for you?
Bud Light Dog
Next time ask Mom not to bring a cake... and the cake looked so good!
Mom's Lost Cake Delivery
Blessings to Saudi Air from Dallas ATC
Cleared to Land
Watch out, purse snatchers, for Houston police
Texas Style Arrest
Redneck's favorite hunting buddies
Redneck Bird Dogs
Timely response to the ungrateful spouse
A Woman's Poem
Camping in the good old days... roughing it with your T-Bird!
World's 1st Mobile Camper
When the dog becomes a backseat driver
Mommy's Driving Too Fast Again
Farmer's 'Plow-A-Lot' solution
Nagging Wife
I can hear just fine, eh!
Retired Golf Pros
Where did I put it? Did I leave it Behind me?
Self Moon
How do you spell, 'Ouch!'?
Top Ouches of 2004: Moroff's Self-Inflicted Pain
Sticky situation in the turned-over crapper
Oh Crap! A Reason To Hate Mondays
This car will Turn You Around!
Citroen's New C4 Transforming Technology
Why breaking up can be hard to do...
Clearly Good Intentions
A moving experience for Halloween
Halloween Talk From Down South
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