Idske Mulder Submissions
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How do you spell 'COW' in The Netherlands?
Cattle Breeding
You'll have a blast with these atomic puzzles!
Radioactive Games
So you think you can break any glass, eh?
Break Glass Adventure
Two of the greatest virtues in life
Patience and Wisdom
New vacation plan announced for underground swingers
Subway Swing
Wide-angle lens for extremely wide, hemisfishical images
Fish Eye Lens
Fighting for the choice prize
Me First!
Finding the smartest way to fly
Flight Change
Lion's march en masse to view the traveling human zoo
Who's Watching Whom?
Chewable posts attract illiterate animals
No Feeding
But your store must be open now!
Closing Time
Dinner at low tide to enjoy the scenic waterfront
Beach Breakfast
FILO (First In, Last Out) book system
Igloo Library
A chick's pregnancy due date calculator
Freedom At Last
Playing near the equator has its ups and downs
Tennis Down Under
Reading fiction on friction
Leaning Bookshelves
This year's Tour de France took a de-tour
Mountain Flock
Earl Grey in his early days
Tea Bait
Where outpatients are laid to rest
Casualty Way
The many faces of a New York stock trader
One Of Those Days
Better chop your own tree
Tree Stump Table
Fruit art in Thailand
Buddha Pear
Signs that the oasis might be closed
No Swimming
Sandals with a message
Follow Me Sandals
When it became cool to wear fur again
Wear Fur Without Killing Animals
A helping hand between good friends
Water Break
Holstein Heating - latest in farm lighting
Cow Light
Food habits of high-range mountain goats
Goat Dining
Signs of Touch-and-Go flight training
Low Flying Aircraft
Graffiti tree cut down for lack of shelter
Sorry Tree
Latest in adrenal glandular tissues for stress relief
Anti-Stress Tissues
How to spot an imitation product when you really see one
Genuine Fake Shoes
No more missed calls on the rings
Cell Phone Athlete
Alarming car invitation on a hot African day
Africa Car Security
Are you trained to walk on water?
Train Boat
For male flies who don't take directions
That Way
When going the high-way is quicker than taking the stairs
Hazardous Delivery
Old fashioned entertainment for the nerd in the crowd
Nothing Can Compete With A Good Book
Taking a load off your mind in the office
Time Management
Cooling off during the dog days of summer
Shower Dog
Cat nibbling in the early hours
Breakfast In Bed
Designer bed toppings for kids
Chocolate Bed
Drumming up a few landscape ideas
Flower Drums
Makes scents while making cents!
Waterproof Notepad
Where managers serenely pond-er their next move
Pond Management
How to spice up a boring class
Lecture Meal
On the cutting edge of digital produce scales
Cut Weight
The tail end of an excellent fish diet
All Mine
Newest model Ukrainian work truck - Bubba's envious!
Ukrainian Model T
Cars Rednecks drive when driving in England
Pulley Car
Another breathtaking view by Afterthought Construction
Hotel Annex
Curator of Entymology drives a different bug
Beetle Collection
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