Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1507

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Honey, did you empty my pockets before doing the laundry?
Pocket Book
World Moustache Photographer
Photographic Moustache
'I heard that Roman soldiers used these for helmets'
Summer Snack
Ask your pharmacist about the new piglet size disposable diapers
Some People Raise Children
Jockeying for position in the new Kentucky Derby format
Jockey Racing
Waterfront Wireless Computing with big screen river display
Keyboard in the Park
Perfect dog to take with you to the beach
Towel Dog
Air today ... gone tomorrow
Air Guitar
Taking a back-seat rest on moving day
Moving Sofa
Mini car with max head room
One Size Fits All
When a mathematician knows he's on a roll
Math Dice
Jethro-fit models plug right into your engine block!
Ukrainian Air Conditioning
Wimbledon speeds up tennis ball retrieval
New Ball Boy
Bernard Madoff attempts escape from house arrest
Balled Up
Superman's early splat days
When you gotta go, dune go there!
Desert Outhouse
Reeling 'em in at the baseball park
Ball Bait
A fire that speaks for itself
Kellogg's Fire
Baby On Board or Baby On Bored?
Bent Baby
Sit down before you hear the high cost of this car!
Car Stool
How Bubba saved lots of money on his economy class trip to Europe
Tourist Route
Charles Darwin's evolution experiment got off to a bad start
What Happened?
What's bugging you?
Wet Insect
Where marathon online computer games take place
Throne Games
A restaurant's hard nutrition facts
An Apple A Day
Frozen dessert for a wet day
Maxi Boot Sorbet
Earning a black belt in the kitchen
Karate Knife
Baseball reaches to lower levels
Low Expectation Autographs
Elephant Outhouse - Houdini's last movement
Hide and Seek
Used camper sales reach all-time high in England
British Holiday
Rare photo of a man vacuuming
Men's Vacuum Cleaner
Fabrics not recommended for washing machine diets
That Won't Wash
Seeing eye bird for blind eagles
Pecking Order
Vote of Non Confidence from the driver training instructor
New Driver Training
Sometimes you're the Swallower and sometimes you're the Swallowee
Swallow Swallow
Turntable music for the kitchen
Copy Paste
Which one uses the brightest toothpaste?
Nature Calls
Staying on top of things
Balanced Writer
How to protect your rear flank
Russian Guard Dogs
How to tell the difference between canned food types
Strong Stuff
Bubba's bathroom home entertainment system
SmartPhone sales flying high in Philadelphia
Smart Phone Statue
Aiming for the perfect wedding ring
Bullet Rings
Fontastic illusion in the typesetting process
Page Escape
For days when you can't just sweep it under the carpet
Maid Dust
Lighting a-head of its time
Brain Lamp
'Pigging Out On The Farm' by Al Falfa
Crop Pig
Rusty Bed Springs by I.P. Nightly
Bed Springs
House Specialty: Back Ribs... your own!
Sushi Spine
When the stork becomes outdated
Baby Delivery
Everyone travels First Class on this plane
Computer Travelers
The country road with tunnel vision
Road To Nowhere
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