Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1532

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Jeroen prepares for the Holland Cowlympics
Dutch Cowboy
Snooker with perfect pool pockets
Beginner's Billiards
Beach headphones for the hearing impaired
Headset Warning
No-one at work will want to take your sandwiches now!
Theft-Free Lunch
Safety in the shade - Not
Lunch Break
Personal bowl of milk for the cat
Cat Bowls
Don't fall asleep during class
School Nap
Medieval knight takes a night off
Chain Mail
Holland cones - where shape is everything
Ice Cream Rose
Sometimes it takes a child to diffuse a thorny situation
Child Disarma-meant
Diver converts from Propane to Pro-Pain
Propane Diving
What weird food do you crave?
Leave Toes Outside
Never a Wong time for Chinese noodles
Lunch Break on a Hot Day
True confessions from the inside of your sole
Sock Anatomy
Metal clad barbecue pit for the Year of the Dragon
Chinese BBQ
Jason started his diet of one pizza slice per day
One Slice
How Microsoft dominates today's computer market
Inside A Computer
Can you find Little Johnny's real dog?
Twin Dogs
How to spoil a good moment
Unhappy Valentine's Day
Computer with heart
Digital Love
New security concerns for small items at S’Canada customs
Baby Scan
Why Cupid's Arrow needs to point the right way
My Valentine
Need some Pucker Power on Valentines Day?
Soured Love
Eat your heart out, Christopher Columbus!
Mariner's New World Watch
Moving's easy when you don't have to worry about overpasses
Redneck House Move
Little Johnny wasn't little enough for this swingset
Toddler's Swing
A bartender's flower garden
Instead Of Flowers
Bubba's custom lowrider car comes with low tires
Not-So-Smart Lowrider Car
How to try to beat a speeding ticket
But I'm Batman
European freeze leaves drivers snowbound
Found It!
This motorcyclist takes his 'side' of bacon with him
Sidecar Pig
Bubba's cheap winter transportation
Snow Mobile
Washing the dirt off your hands with many hands' help
Hand Soap
Dock extender for seniors
iPhone Dock
India Railways finds more space for commuter passengers
Extra Seats
Making light of your backup power supply
Sound Advice from the noisiest kid on the block
Solar Ghetto Power
Driving starts at an early age in England
First Driving Lesson
Getting ready for a Super Bowl tailgate party
Super Bowl Lunch
Boy's toys never change
Nintendo Motor
Recycled life jackets - latest in Middle East beach safety
Safe Swimming
A grandma ready for the Super Bowl
Super Bowl Granny
Cycling tours Down Under
Australian Biker
Why you're running out of bathroom paper
Going out on  a limb to make a clean job of it
Window Cleaning On The Edge
As a baby, the Joe-kster couldn't control his online demand
Baby Chat
What are your survival priorities?
Winter SOS
Recycled TP - so much better when personalized
TP Kid
We build it and we climb it!
Tower Power
Bubba's green-with-energy lights
Redneck Headlights
Need a place to put your bubble-gum boogers?
Free Paper
When you know it's time to stop talking
Tongue TwistHer
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