Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1533

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For days when you bite off more than you can chew
Puffin Mouthful
How to stand alone as a Grandmaster
Chess On The Wall
Safety first for a cyclist who is full of hot air
Cyclist Airbag
Once you're finished horsing around, it’s my turn!'
Reach For The High-Hanging Fruit
Little Johnny goes swimming on his summer holidays
Swim Vacation
R2-D2 meets Bill Gates
Star Wars Computer
Getting an extra ride on the ferry crossing
Woman-Riding Man
Some golf shots are above par!
High Stakes Golf
Why crime is decreasing Down Under
Aussie Car Alarm
Yin and Yang at the office party
Copy & Paste Twins
Longshoremen in India know how to tow the line
Ship Tow
When focusing on the job at hand might be difficult
Pecking Order
Idle time is down time at home
Multi Task Dad
What equipment do firemen use to put out train fires?
Redneck Firemen
An inside peek of Pablo Picasso's house
Tetris Couch
Where is Bailey when you need him the most?
Iraq Bus Stop
Cheap riding lawnmowers in Alabama
Redneck Riding Lawnmower
Car with little room for very loud speakers
Deaf Car
Never stop reaching for the impossible!
Bone Appetite
Baby's 1st Fly
What's That?
Imagination - only a bubble away
Drain Slide Bubbles
A helping hand between good friends
Water Break
Can you find the thief in this picture?
Spot the Thief
Staying on top of a bird attraction
Head Nest
Tasty pet T-Shirts
So Many Cats!
Things women wish men knew
Everything Men Know About Women
I'm putting your best foot forward, Mom!
Baby Illusion
Inner tube tire repair at a Redneck mine
Tiring Tire
Little Johnny loved stare contests with the dog
I Can Still Kiss You
Be stair-full where you exercise this year
Slimming Staircase
Enjoying the dog days of summer at the beach
Holiday Fun
Designer bed toppings for kids
Chocolate Bed
New portable fresh food container
Walking His Fresh Food Pet
A bartender's flower garden
Instead Of Flowers
Trust guard dogs protect the unborn
Protective Dog
The world's first watch didn't need batteries
1st Rolex
Why bumper stickers don't stick to Outbacks
Redneck Bumper
Jethro and Bubba enjoy recess break in the school playground
Redneck See Saw
Keep dry no matter what the cat-astrophe
Dry Cats
New sport in Amsterdam
Bike Vaulting
How to leave notes for your successor at work
Post-it Succession Planning
Listening to oldies in their original vinyl format
Portable Music Player
Retread tire options for pets
Slept On The Tire
Where there's always enough candy
Candy Hairess
When you know it's time to stop talking
Tongue TwistHer
Dog days of summer up north
Alaskan Summer
What a bird would see if it wasn't looking at you
Birds Eye View
If you want to be pretty, you'll have to suffer
Biting Shoes
Do you Sudoku? These cats do!
Sudoku Cats
Earl Grey after hours
Imagine the potential - fit yourself into this Real Estate
Puzzle Ad
Multi-purpose Olympic stadium turns into swimming pool at no extra cost
Stadium Pool
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