Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1519

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Kids key and mini iPad finder
Lego Key and Charger Holder
My what a mice home you have!
Mice Home
Maternity bras for an uplifting experience
Dream home for kids
Lofty Treehouses
Stick-to-it design for patient hobbyists
Matchstick Racing Car
Bubba knows how to protect his butt on cold days
Redneck Outhouse Throne
Hey - what about me?
Warm Nap
For tennis players on a fast court break
Student Food Strainer
Where managers serenely pond-er their next move
Pond Management
GR8 teambuilding idea - hanging out with your buddies
Cliff Side Camping
The secret behind hairless cat breeds
Inside Out Cat
Graffiti tree cut down for lack of shelter
Sorry Tree
Latest airline cutback - the helium diet
Air Meal
Life's a hatchback beach in the fast lane
Jet Ski Transport
True confessions from the inside of your sole
Sock Anatomy
How to find a dream date to take to the prom
Dates For Everyone
Walking out on your own limb
Clear View
Bernard Madoff attempts escape from house arrest
Balled Up
Superman's early splat days
Cheap airfare deals - where customers are always placed first
Plane Pushers
Putting the cart before the horse?
Shopping Bike
Elephant Outhouse - Houdini's last movement
Hide and Seek
The best way to keep a public toilet clean
Korean Public Toilet
Used camper sales reach all-time high in England
British Holiday
Perfect dog to take with you to the beach
Towel Dog
Puzzle fruit depends upon season availability
Edible Rubik's Cube
Cutting back on the backboard
Sushi Spine
Fret not - any guitar can make it through our sound room!
Fender Bender
Cheapest way to take a Ferris Wheel ride
Bike Ferris Wheel
Monk Desktop with crumb-e keys & whole wheat DVD
Computer Bread
We've got the best dam security in the country!
Tampax Protection
Chewable posts attract illiterate animals
No Feeding
Jethro-fit models plug right into your engine block!
Ukrainian Air Conditioning
Where the best defense is offense
Perfect Defense Line
On the lookout for unusual traffic signs
Watch Out For Traffic Signs
Canada Geese grow pretty big on the Canadian prairies
Stealth Photographer
Animal pictures gone wrong
Distressing Artwork
Another Braille-iant idea!
Braillik's Cube
One man's junk is another's Picasso
Junkyard Art
Finding true sock-sess in fashion clothing
Sock Sandals
Bubba deserves only the best on his wedding day
Redneck Engagement Ring
Kids are even more special on Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
Multi-purpose Olympic stadium turns into swimming pool at no extra cost
Stadium Pool
Sitting down with the classics
Reading Chair
Ukrainian lawnmower - cross between a Caterpillar and a Dorkmobile
Close Friendship or a Split Personality?
Split Personality
Standing up to let your hair down?
Letting Your Hair Down
Bull fight at the zoo
No way Ole!
She never oversleeps
Wake Up Alarm
Manicure tips for hungry pirates
Biting Nails
Making do without a computer at school
Latino Laptop
SmartPhone sales flying high in Philadelphia
Smart Phone Statue
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