Idske Mulder Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1534

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Earning a black belt in the kitchen
Karate Knife
Baseball reaches to lower levels
Low Expectation Autographs
Elephant Outhouse - Houdini's last movement
Hide and Seek
Used camper sales reach all-time high in England
British Holiday
Rare photo of a man vacuuming
Men's Vacuum Cleaner
Fabrics not recommended for washing machine diets
That Won't Wash
Seeing eye bird for blind eagles
Pecking Order
Vote of Non Confidence from the driver training instructor
New Driver Training
Sometimes you're the Swallower and sometimes you're the Swallowee
Swallow Swallow
Turntable music for the kitchen
Copy Paste
Which one uses the brightest toothpaste?
Nature Calls
Staying on top of things
Balanced Writer
How to protect your rear flank
Russian Guard Dogs
How to tell the difference between canned food types
Strong Stuff
Bubba's bathroom home entertainment system
SmartPhone sales flying high in Philadelphia
Smart Phone Statue
Aiming for the perfect wedding ring
Bullet Rings
Fontastic illusion in the typesetting process
Page Escape
For days when you can't just sweep it under the carpet
Maid Dust
Lighting a-head of its time
Brain Lamp
'Pigging Out On The Farm' by Al Falfa
Crop Pig
Rusty Bed Springs by I.P. Nightly
Bed Springs
House Specialty: Back Ribs... your own!
Sushi Spine
When the stork becomes outdated
Baby Delivery
Everyone travels First Class on this plane
Computer Travelers
The country road with tunnel vision
Road To Nowhere
Style in the eyes of a mechanical engineer
Meccano Shoe
GR8 teambuilding idea - hanging out with your buddies
Cliff Side Camping
Horsing around on the farm
Carrot Tug-Of-War
Don't let dentures get in the way of your wrinkles!
Can You Bite Your Nose?
Shell-fish baby's potable transportation
Lobster Baby
They call this parrot Spike
Feather Fashion
Remembering faithful war dogs
Fallen Friend
Short protection for short European people
Socket Shelter
Best of friends braid hair together
Braid Hair Pair
Go Green - do your part to help preserve the planet - walk in it!
Human Hamster
Levitation for the Nation
Air Couch
Finding the 'keys' to a successful, long relationship
Piano Ring
How time flies at the office
Whatever Time
Recipe for success on the farm
Mud Pie
Be prepared for your next flat tire
Bumper Bike
Who needs a pommel horse when you have a pommel cat?
How to stand alone as a Grandmaster
Chess On The Wall
Small cars in big places
Think Big
Richard Branson's new Virgin Limo
Plane Limo
Not-for-disabled restroom, for not-so-fast relief
Uplifting Throne
Has your Holy Bible turned into a Hole-y Bible?
Moldy Bible
Many feet make light work
Easy Mopping
Strolling along can be exhausting work
Exhausted Baby
Amsterdam's solution for their bike parking problem
Bike Rack
Compact Compaq
Lipstick Laptop
Dog days of summer up north
Alaskan Summer
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