Howard Chapman Submissions
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When not to measure for an ironing table
How to Prepare a Man for His Funeral
Where vehicles are always going the wrong way
Another Day In Traffic
Believing that you can do anything you set your mind to
My Life Goal
Dog's half life caught on film
Panorama Dog
When it's cheaper to buy one at a time
Pen Sale Not
Jared's last day of work at the local tattoo parlor
Last Tattoo
A canine's survival guide to stocking up for hard times
Nothing In The Fridge
Odor control for embarrassing situations
Deodorized Pads
Lending too much of a helping hand
I've Got Your Back
Who can last the longest in the bathroom?
Challenge Accepted
Doing a face plant at the local restaurant
Gotta Love Plate Glass Windows
Mom's secret recipe for flatulent dessert
Laxative Cream Pie
Stretching the limits of a youth hoodie
Hoodie Onesy
Eats cookies and forgets to leave presents
Rastafarian Christmas
Turnaround in beach bikini attire
Front Bum
Where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing
Are portable cell phones a thing of the past?
Introducing the iPhone 20
Setting a Guinness Record for whiskey and scotch
Irish Advent Calendar
The dog can't wait to get the tree home
Dog's Christmas Tree
Where safety comes first
Business In Front, Party In Back
A day without smiling is a wasted day
Special Touch
People who consume caffeine shortly after learning something show memory gains
Morning Coffee Break
Some things age the same as wine
At My Age I Need Glasses
Panorama du jour - overlooking the beach from a precarious perch
City Overview
Some relationships are hard to reconcile
Bringing It Home
A company flush with good ideas
Associate Demonstration
How baby caught his cold
Wet Nose Fixer
Wool he make it in time?
Sheep Backpack
How to tell when it's time for your next glass of wine
Wine Flowchart
Preparing to enter Aussie tranquility
Bland Entrance
When grapes make the ultimate sacrifice
Respect For Grapes
Putting practice Down Under
Aussie Golf
Emergency road service to the rescue in Australia
Stranded Car Assistance
For friends who like each other a lot
Lottle Friend
Recreation Vehicles of the Dirty Thirties
1937 Brooks Stevens Zephyr Land Yacht
What Bill Clinton gives thanks for this Thanksgiving
Thanks A Lot America
Are you an amateur drinker?
Wine Time
Cooling off after another hot flash
Menopause Sucks
Shopping for grass fed produce
Organic Pears
Making clothes out of a can
Spray-On Clothing
What happens to you when you lie down?
Number Eight Laziness
A Redneck's planned parenthood
Tennessee Family
The liquid diet plan, where you don't remember what you lost
Gin and Tonic Diet
Building a strong relationship one pill at a time
Topping The Charts
Planting the seeds of inspiration Down Under
Herd Starter Kit
Perfect Pose for Perfect Friends
Puppy Circle
Early financial lessons that are hard to swallow
Child Tax Lesson
Is it time to turn your prince into a frog?
Toad Time
Should you eat that bacon?
Bacon Flowchart
Plucked through the ages
A Man's Life
Winning the beverage brand wars
Pepsi Well Played
He loves fast food
Go Ahead And Run
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