Howard Chapman Submissions
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The Best of the Wurst
The Wurst Spiral I've Seen
Inspiring tidbits off the wall
Bacon Bits
Add an extra bounce to your daily walk
Coffee Steps
Some Irish dogs don't prefer Irish green
St. Patrick's Dog
Stretching the limits of a youth hoodie
Hoodie Onesy
According to Albert Einstein, pie are squared
Apple Pi
Tongue dropping weather for a giraffe
Novocaine Feeling
She said I wouldn't have to wait long
Ready Soon
Surviving another day of newspaper drudgery
Media Bondage
Take the army practice aptitude test
Camouflage Practice
Viewing the twists and turns of Nelson Mandela's life
Mandela Perspective
Stapler opener doubles as impressive keychain assistant
Keychain Opener
Hand forged custom made tools for serious wood workers
Studley Tool Chest
Some posts contain secret sound patterns
Blog Post
Where vehicles are always going the wrong way
Another Day In Traffic
Yard security in the Aussie Outback
Long Snake
Trying to get out of style
Straightjacket Fashion
Some things age the same as wine
At My Age I Need Glasses
Purr-fect friends
Cat Love
Some diet plans lose the wrong things
Vodka Diet
Moving high-heeled footware
Roller Blade Heels
T-Shirt for good-food moments
Bacon Thoughts
Doing a re-take in the Wild West
Clint Eastwood
Before Woolies and Coles arrived in Australia
Aussie Grocery Shopping
Re-inventing the wheel in France
French Army Knife
When I first developed Arachnophobia
Shoe Thrown Memory
How to move customers to the right entrance
Dude Door
A Redneck's planned parenthood
Tennessee Family
Choosing between me and the universe
Which Is Bigger?
On January 26th, Aussies do strange things Down Under
Happy Down Under Day
Portable carts prove useful for Advance-Lunge moves
Fencing For Seniors
The #1 protein meal for hungry cannibals
Bacon Head
On being a woman and a diplomat
Madeleine Albright
Keeping secrets between friends
Tall Secret
Wilbur wanted to tie one on
Bacon Tie
When spray-on suntan machines were popular
Sun Tan Sales
Greeting the latest snowfall at the front door
Snow Door
Weather forecast from the pulpit
Snow Prayers
A company flush with good ideas
Associate Demonstration
Computer repair tips for all operating systems
How To Fix Any Computer
Premature denture preparation in the park
Tooth Loss
When not to measure for an ironing table
How to Prepare a Man for His Funeral
How baby caught his cold
Wet Nose Fixer
Primates cheer for their local team
Baboon Chorus
Does your GPS advise head-on collisions?
Faulty GPS
Friends forever stick together
Brotherly Love
Warm Christmas Greetings from the Australian Outback
Tumbleweed Snowman
On the bright side - only 3 more days 'til Christmas!
Insomniac Christmas
Little Johnny grew up with Whiskey Soothers
Found The Jackpot
What a corkscrew bottle opener does to keep in shape
Wine Aerobics
Setting a Guinness Record for whiskey and scotch
Irish Advent Calendar
How carbs fit into a healthy diet
Carb Cutter
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