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Cochran lays the glove down on his tombstone
Johnny Cochran's Last Words to O.J.
What a tree-mendous idea!
Save A Tree
Watered Down biker bathroom
Biker Faucet
You'll need a long reach to operate this 48-motor bike
Multi-Motor Motorcycle
Never worry about keeping your coffee warm again!
Dog Holder and Coffee Warmer-Upper
When playing soccer may be hazardous to your health
Arrow-Dynamic Soccer Players
When you gotta go, remember your backup systems
Understanding Computers
One World Record that's too brief for the Joe-kster
World's Largest Underpants
A real big bike for tall men
Tall Guy Bike
Not all Hummers are what they appear 2B
Hummers Only Look Tough
Seen any Flying Cathedrals lately?
Flying Cathedral Excuse
Japanese invention that didn't quite work out
On A Roll - Only In Japan
When a guy knows he's really got it maid in life
House Maid For Men
Shooting blanks in the PC vs. Mac standoff
Tax dollars put to good use: 6 Safety Watchers to 1 Worker
City Work Crew's Slow Day
Popeye's right hand gal, Olive Oyl, turns 75
Mother Popeye
Show us what you've got, computer nerds!
Geeks On Display
Making room for a biker's worn out Pony Express
Biker Mailbox
Mailbox design of the year - this'll crack you up!
Chiropractor Mailbox
Bubba now flies around his yard in a 3-wheel Cessna
Redneck Airplane
It's all in the egg-secution
How Many Eggs?
Now this is a REAL car wash!
African Car Wash
Finally - the secret to Coca Cola's success revealed!
Coke's Special Ingredients
Can you find the lady in this illusion?
Find The Lady
Celebrity spotted trying to help hurricane survivors
Hurricane Wilma
To Air is Human, To Fore-Give Divine!
Police De-Tail: Down-Wind Protocol
Sharing prayers with your best friends
An Evening Prayer
Last call for passengers of this plane
Red Alert Flight
Always looing for new ways to reach higher goals?
Lion On Stilts
Do you have an 'I think I can' attitude?
Too Little Too Late
Miracle in the alcohol aisle - Praise the Lord!
Liquor Store Miracle
Who can stay in the longest?
Hot New Game - This Fire's 4U!
So you're not interested in the Super Bowl?
Super Bowl XL - For Big Jobs
Looking for a short-term Army job? Testing for duds is 4U...
Worst Job in the Army
Don't get caught bearing down the road with this street gang coming your way
Street Gangs In Canada
When you know you can't go any further in life
End Of The Line
Tim the Tool Man's SUV
Can Never Have Too Many Tools
Why you should never fart in a wet suit
Wet Suit Danger
In-cider trading in the Ukraine
Apple Car
Even the honeymoon suite is just Duck-e!
Hunter's Dream Wedding
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
Christmas On The Go
Nothing gets your attention more than an attentive tree
Tree's Right Of Passage
Fidel Castro recently spotted near Florida Keys
Where's Castro?
Don't trust a duck - they're not all they're quacked up to be!
Duck Heist - Ducks Gone Bad
VW's new car lock - for those who don't care
VW Car Lock
Amish faith in a troubled world
The Power Of Faith
Why get a new one when the old one keeps muffling along?
Slovak Muffler Accessory
When privacy becomes a remote possibility in your own home
Where's The Remote?
Inline skating catches on in The Netherlands
Dutch Rollerblades
And my Doctor was going to charge me a small fortune for this!
Medical Breakthrough
Finding a reason to race to work in the morning
Mini Computer Desk
Wheely good chopper for bike hawgs
Bike Trike
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