Barry McCartney Submissions
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Paint your car with nature's paintbrush
Car Dirt Art
The choice is yours...
Two Options For Dinner
A ride for everyone who has recently lost money in the stock market
For Sale, Due To Market Changes
Security warning for out-of-control dogs
Dog Medication
Making history in bathroom design
Peddle Sewing Machine Sink
Does your restaurant have a no-return policy?
Food Exchange
Flowers for Forrest Gump and friends
Florist Gump
Balancing a Jeep with bamboo poles
Thai Logging
Bakery with a dessert sense of humour
Life Of Pie
Setting high construction standards with a T-Shirt
Rebar Walker
Customized Saudi Arabia parking lots
Camel Parking
Marine algae for Asian palates
Seaweed Burger
Jumping on a slippery bandwagon
Political Floor
Platform heels - latest in flowery footwear
Flower Frame Heels
Custom TP is de-grating for relatives
Toilet Paper For The Mother-In-Law
The Little Engine That Could Wood
Fire Engine
Disabled or not, here comes Bubba!
Redneck Wheelchair Stroller
Prairie farmers make good use of their Deer
Saskatchewan Harley
Horsing around with driftwood art
Horse Wood Sculpture
No Pain, No Enviro Gain
Tax Rack
Insecticide keeps on killing flies for weeks
No Flies On Me
Buy a place with a view for your car? Only in Germany
German Car Parkade
Inspirational planning from silence or through your wife
Voices In My Head
Coffee cup for sure grips
Finger Cup
Faster than a speeding Corvette
Bicycle Cop
Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!
Himilayan Cure for Constipation
Promoting cognitive learning to media relationships
Brain App
Snow camouflage for the dog
Our Dog Snowballs
Swedish cop goes above and beyond the call of duty
Winter Parking Ticket
Who wants to go for a swim in Mali's Niger River?
Niger River Crocodile
It's easy shopping when no other shoppers are around
Texas Wal-Mart Shopper
How to tell when winter is starting to get to people
Long Winter
A man of few words
Original Homeland Security - 2nd Amendment
When there's not enough time to fully open the umbrella
Umbrella Stand-ard
Atari's blind video game supporter
Stevie Wonder Games
A brewhouse that hires thought-provoking employees
Something Witty
Stairs leading to the wrong conclusion
Misinclined Stairs
Wall Climbing popularity on rise in Mexico
Mexican Phys Ed Classes
Getting prepared for tick season in Canada
Parasite Trivia
Stop and Go on winter roads
Go Winterized
If it tries to eat us, serve with red. If it runs away from us, serve with white.
Wine Pairing in the Stone Age
Marketing products in the wrong-product market
Fork Sales
Some fishing trips don't turn out as planned
Forgettable Fishing Trips
Inspector checks out water quality in Calcutta
Potty 'Train'ing In India
Who says building a border wall won't work?
Worked For Them
Nature's tootbrush, fiber rich and packed with vitamins
Colon Celery
Confucius wisdom - the U.S. government shutdown
Bird Brain
Bubba's mechanics use only high performance muffler parts
Muffler Hanger
One of life's great mysteries solved
How Twins Are Made
Almost getting a real birthday present
iPad Not
For the perfect view in front of you
Butterfly Lens
Italian Cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino began his new job as a bus driver yesterday
Bus Shipwreck
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