Heavenly Round Of Golf
Reaching down to their potential par

A man goes golfing one day and joins two other guys playing ahead of him. Both are wearing long robes and sandals, and both have long hair and beards. After several holes, they come to a long par five with a lake on the left. The younger of the two hits his drive 350 yards into the center of the lake, and his ball comes to rest on a small rock. Picking up his clubs, the man calmly walks out across the lake to the rock and hits his next shot right in the hole for a double eagle.

“Wow!” exclaims the man. “How did he do that?”

“Well my son, I’m Moses and he’s Jesus Christ,” replies the older man. “Once a month we come down from heaven to play a round of golf.”

“That’s Jesus Christ?” asks the man.

“Yeah,” Moses sighs. “But he thinks he’s Tiger Woods.”

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