Flatulent Speaker
Letting ’er rip during class

see also   Bad Gas  Section
The Fert
Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer

Shopping hours are never long enough for Wilbur's wife
Shopping Wait-er
Winter incentives in the Canadian U-Haul business
Free Snow
Watts with this guy?
Socket To Me
Bud Light comes to the rescue in Omaha
Nebraska Beer Cooler
How to tell when it's time for your next glass of wine
Wine Flowchart
What's the best cure for truth decay?
Church Bumper Stickers
Weight restrictions by nationality
Limited Capacity Bridge
Best seats in the house at Juilliard
Keyboard Seating
Making do in Titletown during the storm
Boston Mailbox
Calvin, is that you?
Snowman Meal
Home made rabbit ears
Funny Bunny
Sleep symmetry for pets
Sleeping Pets on Dog and Cat Naps
Canucks turn pond hockey into quite a racket
Canadian Tennis
Dentist invitation for well-used dentures
Chu Your Food Well
How to change a flatbed into a river bed
Bridge Weight Limits
Marriage seminars are easy for Bubba
Wife's Favourite Flower
Keeping your face warm all winter
Face Heater
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