Flatulent Speaker
Letting ’er rip during class

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The Fert
Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer

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Dog with a wraparound smile
Lap Dog (Wrap Version)
Good English teachers are hard to come by in Montgomery, Alabama
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Nut Salesman
Young backseat drivers
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No animals were harmed in the making of this T-Shirt
T-Shirt Testing
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Wildfires roar throughout Washington state
Fiery Entrance
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Warning signs for dogs and backward dogs
Beware Of Dog
When brother helps with naming the twins
Baby Names - Denise and Denephew
When fine china turns into broken dreams
This Cracks Me Up
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When you can't have the cake and eat all of it too
Divorce Cakes
Cup of choice for super-hero coffee drinkers
Spiderman Face Cup
The art of peeling potatoes didn't appeal to Henry
A Caring Husband
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