Playground Fun
A day without laughter is a day wasted
When the Kids are away the swingsets don’t sway

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Dusty Playground
Handicap Swing
Pinocchio Playground
Playground Mistakes
Playground Motorcyclist
Pooped Out Playground
Portable Playpen
Spiral Playground
Toddler’s Swing

Sampling grapes from a blessed wine press
One At A Time
747 and 757 - close call formation flyers
Formation Flying for Jet Airplanes
Finally - a wine glass that fits my needs!
Aussie Wine Glass
Why golf is like marriage
Golf Wisdom
Best place to buy Zookeene, Hallopinyo and Bail Pepr
Texas Roadside Produce Stand
Latest Music Sudoku Puzzle: #15019
Music Sudoku Puzzles
Deckside pool with out-standing view
Pool Apartments
Going ape at the zoo
Captive Audience
Why some electricians lead a “short” life
Safe Working Practices?
CPR for dying laptops
Computer Resuscitation
Don't step on the line!
Redneck Speed Bump
How to tell if an arriving flight from China has bird flu
Bird Flu Flight
Mailbox design of the year - this'll crack you up!
Chiropractor Mailbox
Are Siamese twins identical at card games?
Playing Cards with Siamese Twins
My Doctor says I need glasses
Glass Prescription
Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #15017
Quad (Hyper) Sudoku
Business with 'peer pressure' cost structure
Workshop Labour Rates
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