Looks Like Monday
“Today I don’t give a hoot!”
Another slow day for a barn owl

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An Owl Sonnet
Barn Owl Beauty
Brittany Speers - a Hooter?
Hooters Mascara
Hooters Sign
How To Draw An Owl
Moonlight Owls
Owl Door
Owl Garden
Owl Glove
Owl Perch Necklace
Owl Pose
Owlvis Presley
Owlympics Bobsled
Owlympics Ice Skating
Scented Owl
Superb Owl
Tree Hugger’s Environmental Non-Protection

Bell curve pain relief for those on a rising dollar bed
Back Pain
What goes round comes round
Circle Of Fear
New position open in Oshawa for a Dentician
GM's Scratch and Dent Sale
Pointing out those who are not G8 leaders
Political Irony
Little Johnny goes swimming on his summer holidays
Swim Vacation
Where food was first made in Newfoundland
Garden of Eat'En
Generating a false impression for the long hours you don't work
George Costanza's Tips For Working Hard
Friendly reminder for those who don't clean up after their dog
Dog Baggies
Does your GPS advise head-on collisions?
Faulty GPS
Do you suffer from Cirrhosis Of The River?
Nautical Sense of Humour
Lizard man goes to the fore-front
Zoo Dude
Mysterious fixture stands out on local highway
Alien Light Sighting
Suspended hammock tents provide good bear practice
Bear Pinata
What to do with leftover house flies
Fly Art
Spa facial treatment in the Florida Everglades
Redneck Manicure
Face-ing a walk in the country
Garden Gnome
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Herbs
Word Search Puzzles
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