Looks Like Monday
“Today I don’t give a hoot!”
Another slow day for a barn owl

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Barn Owl Beauty
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Tree Hugger’s Environmental Non-Protection

Back-up friends
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Halloween Pineapple
Halloween costume that brings out the small people in all of us
Here Comes Baby
Predicting the next delay of game
Football Thesis
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High Wire Bear Feeder
Do barn swallows give a hoot?
Bird Scarecrow
The car was starting to run a little hot the last few miles
Redneck Hood Ornament
Ostrich Officer detail in Melbourne, Australia
Aussie Speed Bumps
3D body scan reveals what's behind Da Hood
Da Hood Shirt
Breaking out of the pumpkin patch this Halloween
Monster Pumpkin
The danger of crossing over manhole covers
Duckhole Cover - Then There Were Two
Ever had a fear of beards (Pogonophobia)?
Language Weird Facts
Does French food give you the crepes?
Haunted Pancakes
Giving a hoot in the country
Owl Garden
Now On Sale for those who give a hoot!
2015 Hooters Owl Calendars (TWO)
March 14th is Pi Day
Pumpkin Pi
Changing tea for tee at the golf course
Men's Golf Rules
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