Ultimate Manwich
This will solve every man’s appetite!

In“greed”ients: 1 loaf of hard crusted Italian bread, 3 Ribeye steaks 1 lb mushrooms,
an onion, 1lb of bacon, 1lb of Swiss cheese, butcher paper and foil wrap

Hollow out the bread

Cook meats, mushrooms & onions - try to leave the steaks a little rare

Shove two of the steaks into the bread

Sauce the steak, different on each side - use half thick worchestershire sauce and
half Dijon mustard and horse radish sauce

Add a layer of all of bacon

... a layer of Swiss cheese

Stuff in as much of the mushroom and onion mixture you can

Then add the other steak, along with the juices from the pan

... a little more sauce

Top off with more Swiss

Put the top of the loaf back on

Wrap in butcher’s paper

Wrap in foil

Put a heavy cutting board on top to squish it down

Now add weight (suggest 140lbs) and let it sit for 4 hours

Take weight off, and wait...

Cut and enjoy!

Next stop: ICU

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