Sidewalk Malt Melt
Reversing the flow of a summer treat
Ice cream revenge on the hand that feeds it

More Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

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Broken Hands
Cloth Road
Cube Farm
Downhill Cycling
Grass Room
Sea Painting
Trouser Iron
Water Street

How harmful is too much sitting?
Elderly Rocker
Can you relate to this?
Nobody Notices
Side-effects of owl rehabilitation
Raised By Owls
The Vatican's new official Papal breakfast
The original boneless chicken breast didn't come from KFC
Boneless Chicken
If you had to choose between the two of them, which would you pick?
Alzheimer's or Parkinson's?
Bubba's fail-safe message system
Redneck Palm Pilot
Friends Without Phones - communication retrolution
No-iPhone Kids
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Words With One L
Word Search Puzzles
Why I'll Never Complain About My Kids Again
Ring Leader
My drinking team has a sign problem
Little Drinker
Celebrity actor makes good by playing on his name
Morgan Freeman
Fake Lake scenery
No-Lake Picture
Bubba's creative cooking classes
Redneck Spatula
High Jump in the animal world
Giraffe Leapfrog
How to safely remove top-heavy loads
Safe Removals
Amy had in-cider information
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