Plastic Bottle Beach Art
Genetically mutated fish appear on beaches
Recycling in Rio de Janeiro

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African Flip Flops
Fat Monkey Sculpture
Fish Flops

Preparing a 30' X 30' TV dinner out of snow
Front Yard TV Dinner
Finding a good resting place
Dog Sitters
Mini car and mini van on a mini tour
Europe Road Trip
How to deal with inferior male sheep
Sheep Fries
Putting the Play back into Playgrounds
Original Play Station
How Bubba welcomes mice in his house
Redneck Mousetrap
Latest Symbol Sudoku Puzzle: #14610
Symbol Sudoku Puzzles
What's moving - your head or the drawing?
Moving Dot Illusion
How to take the wind out of one's sail
Surprise Announcement
New digital clock for the deaf and hearing impaired
Visual Alarm Clock
The ins and outs of spaghetti slurping
Spaghetti Digest
Days when Jethro is easier to handle than the poodle
Walking The Dog
New line of edible watches by Apple
Apple Watch
Going places where no SUV can go
Redneck Carriage Car
Latest in engineer-design house decor
Can't wait to update your Facebook status?
Facebook Wedding
Piggyback transportation saves everybody money
Ship Shipping Ships
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