Oregon State Troopers
And we used to just sell lemonade!
Creative attempts to avoid speeding tickets

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Florida State Trooper
Southern State Troopers

What some Australians look like 'Down Under'
Small Aussie Babies
Latest Samurai Sudoku Puzzle: #14670-74
Samurai Sudoku Puzzles
Got a beef about your job?
Re-Cycled Beef
Is there any lean, gluten-free bacon?
Bacon Munchies
Creative Easter Chocolate - seal'ed and hopping with calories
Chocolate Easter Bunnies
How to promote your business by sitting down on the job
Johnny On The Pot's Plumber Truck
How to put out paper fires at work
Blowing Out The Fire
Resuscitation for tired garden ornaments
Broken Potted Plant Art
Newest model Ukrainian work truck - Bubba's envious!
Ukrainian Model T
Elaborate funeral plans for the Cardiologist
Cardiologist Eulogy
Perfect fit for the man of your dreams
Putting Your Foot Down
Fun and comfy horse footy pajamas for the discriminating equestrian
Horse Onesies
Latest Olympic Sudoku Puzzle: #14668
Olympic Sudoku Puzzles
If Ikea made cars...
Chinese Puzzle Car
They don't make the wurst - they make the best!
What's your perception of yourself?
Caution: Slippery when worm-wet!
Worm Bridge
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