India Plumbers
On good days Sandeep finds many rupees in clogged sewer lines
Why there are few applicants for training plumbing jobs in India

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Water Supply
Wave Pools in India

Training wheels for your high octane child
Daddy, Can I Drive?
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Retro Cross #12
Word Search Puzzles
When music conductors direct the flow of traffic
Teachers Parking Lot
Hailing a taxi cab in India
Motorcycle Taxi
Parenting secrets - teach your kids to get along
Get Along Shirt
Grooming tips from a horse whisperer
Horse Hair
Do atoms make everything up?
Atom Trust
Blind leading the blind
Blind Bunny
Bubba's motorcycle doubles as a weekend lawnmower
Moto Lawnmower
What to wear when your wife has work for you
Camouflage Couch
Should you get protective film on a new car's hood?
Paint Protection
Playground prankster
Spiral Playground
Some plants don't like Mondays
Monday Flowers
Final eccentric college exam
Philosophy 101 - The Chair That Doesn't Exist
Preparing for a slide down Lawyer Lane
Bubba's Redneck digital watch is way ahead of its time
Digital Analog Clock
Carter couldn't understand why his milk sales were so low
Weekend Delivery
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