Found The Food
When soothers and bottled milk just aren’t enough
Nothing is impossible for Little Johnny

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Possibly the best poster on the London Tube
Henry VIII Underground
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Bird Plane
Some Circle Tours take you exactly where they promise
Going Around In Circles
Why some transactions in the 'Express Lane' take so long
Coin Shopping
When a photo op takes precedence over helping someone
Falling Picture

I.R.S. Humor
Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #14727-30
Sudoku Sampler
Long wait for hitchhikers in Texas
Tumbleweed Twins
In a rush to pay your overdue taxes?
Tax Violation - Quick Payment
Kanji Gender Dictionary
Noisy Japanese Women
Learning the sixth basic ballet position
Painful Ballet
Spellchecker missing on the Sultan Restaurant
You Got Kicked Out Of The Restaurant
A hole in one for a tennis pro
Tennis Plant
People from Down Under & the U.K. think this is hilarious
It's A Cracker
Your last chance to get ready for launch mode
Ninja Raccoon
First pregnancy jitters
Does Childbirth Hurt?
AIG boss urges staff to return at least half of bonus money
AIG Bonus
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