Fish Booth
Renovation of British telephone booths strikes “gold”
Houdini plans comeback in huge goldfish bowl

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Halloween costumes that need to go on a diet
Mutant Ninja Halloween Costume
Follicle-challenged toque gets head-e reviews
Brain Warmer
Choose your own destiny
Drink And Drive Directions
For those on the go who gotta go
Traveler Toilet
Owl be seeing you!
Moonlight Owls
Rust protection systems in China
Rust-ic Truck
What was considered scary at the turn of the 20th Century
Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear
Bare bones pet Halloween costume
Halloween Dog
If you can't live on bread alone...
Church Sign Generator
Are you headed in the wrong direction?
Church Humour
Receiving too many silent calls?
Dead Phone
Doing pen-ance with your computer?
Pen Computing - Future Technology Now
Safety sign car-nage
Beware of Falling Rock Signs
Best way to travel - 'bar' none!
Redneck Meal On Wheels
It's perfectly safe as long as the baby is strapped in a seatbelt
Baby Sidecar
Got a carving for Halloween?
Pumpkin Face
So that's why they call them long neck giraffes!
LONG Neck Giraffe
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