Diet Scale
Weight scale proportional to food allowance
Life is grim to the right of the water-only line
Recommended food choices for your own weight

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Diet Pills
Diet Water
“Eat All You Want” Cafe
Eat Your Vegetables
Health Plug
Health Tip
Health Tips for Fat Friends
How To Cut Down On Your Drinking
How To Weigh Yourself Correctly
New Wal-Mart Mirror
Pill Man

Unexpected shock from the electrical panel
Workplace Hazards in Tasmania
Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #15178
Quad (Hyper) Sudoku
Architect balances aesthetic appeal with practical considerations
Questionable Building
When autumn falls
Orchard Fall
Don't croak on this Mexican spinach salad
Mexican Salad Dressing
Some schools hire ex-grads for improvements
Shcool Crossing
Ditching the stairs for an easier ride
Going Up
Are you talking to each other?
Solving World Problems
Stolen AC units present hot options
Church Karma
Learn the secret to making Communion
How To Make Holy Water
Resourceful Nun finds way to convert bedpans to believers
Nun's Bedpan Gas
Placing your order at the Trailer Estates ice cream parlor
Painful Banana Split
Contractor's new 'buy and fall' program
'Watch Your Step' Apartment Sales
Driving for a better relationship?
Best Pickup Line Ever
Bubba's religious message of repentance
Redneck Revenge
How to make a Canadian Wedding Arch
When A Canadian Guy Plans The Wedding
How to solve Killer (samunamupure) Sudoku puzzles
Killer Sudoku Rules
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