Caution - Struggling Workers
The underlying meaning behind road signs
Why you should be more considerate to construction workers

see also   Safety,  Sign,  Stress  &  Work  Sections
City Work Crew’s Slow Day
Lunch Break
Lunch Break on a Hot Day
Management Team - Leading by Example
Men At Work
Mexican Recliners
Tire-d Workers
Work Siesta

Can you spare a square?
Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Silly Billy Goat?
Laundry Goat
Taking a bite out of the high cost of driving
Dental Car
Preparing to enter Aussie tranquility
Bland Entrance
Inspiring tidbits off the wall
Bacon Bits
Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 14841-42
2fer Sudoku Puzzles
A cut above the other hooters
Wooden Owl
Early Spring floral arrangment to warm the heart
Spring Flowers
Background noise for serenity and inspiration
Ambient Noise Master List
A sign of extreme road rage
Move Over Car
Picking up the pieces of shattered illusions
Broken Hands
A deer way to learn about motorcycle safety
Deer Hitchhiker
TV trays for fast food eaters - fast input and fast output
Redneck TV Tray
Simple solution to gain control over alcohol
Little Drinking Problem
Eliminating the danger of second hand smoke
Smoke Coolant
Hazards while playing golf in thick underbrush
Don't Use The 8 Iron!
When in Australia, do as the Aussies do
Digideroo Joe
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