Awkward Conversation
Sure beats a hole in the ground
Doing business in the Ukraine: making a bum deal

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A rose by any other name would smell and look as sweet
Devil's Food Rose Cake
Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #14689
Quad (Hyper) Sudoku
How bubble gum extends the usefulness of ordinary shoes
High Heel Gum Shoes
Designer fashion shoes - from courtyard to Redneckarian
Hi Heel Running Shoes
Hans Wagner struggles to hold up a German Giant rabbit
Happy Easter, Big Guy
Unique animal that emits high-pitched noise
Bieber Whale
Useful corner gas stations air supply
How Babies Are Made In Canada
Deja Flu - protection against the return of H1N1
H1N1 Flu Mask
U.S. court case sets new Atheist Holiday
Atheist Holiday
Annual spaghetti harvest
Swiss Spaghetti Harvest
Chastity belt for podiatrists
Meccano Shoe
Jethro's other house is a fishing boat
Mobile Swamp Home
LeRoy uses a secret code to access his bank account
Six Hunnit
Latest sujoCube 6D Puzzle: #14687
sujoCube 6D Sudoku
How Bubba's wife  winds up her balls of yarn
Dear Deer Yarn
iPhone app plays on your iPhone case
Best iPhone Case
Celebrating Ella West's 1st Birthday!
Hippy Birthday
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