Very Smart Car
Parallel parking twice over
Finding a parking space when there isn’t one

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Amish Smart Car
Flatulent Smart Car
Not-So-Smart Car
Not-So-Smart Lowrider Car
Smart Car Redesign

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Johnny-on-the-Pot Marathon cleans out spectators
Public Toilet
How animals camouflage - the ultimate disappearing act
The Mighty Stegosaurus
Her hearing's a byte better these days
Ear Chip
Lunch leaping in the Everglades
Croc Lunge
Painted ceiling of the Tombinator Room
Smoking Area Ceiling
How not to concentrate on innocent smoothies
Bottom Dweller
How Rednecks celebrate Mexican holidays
Sinko de Mayo
Nothing but the best for Bubba's baby girl
Redneck Birth Announcement
Antique hybrid car show for VW collectors
VW Bug Bucket
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Why you should beware of the cat
Cat Doormat
Disabled games at the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Game Reserve
African Meal on Wheels
Road potholes - real and imagined
Canadian Speed Bumps
When a bubble bath turns into a bubble bed
Bubble Boy
When both bucket loaders needs a nap
Work Siesta
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