That Way
Nature’s direction finder
For male flies who don’t take directions

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Wet Insect

Stolen AC units present hot options
Church Karma
Learn the secret to making Communion
How To Make Holy Water
Resourceful Nun finds way to convert bedpans to believers
Nun's Bedpan Gas
Placing your order at the Trailer Estates ice cream parlor
Painful Banana Split
Contractor's new 'buy and fall' program
'Watch Your Step' Apartment Sales
Driving for a better relationship?
Best Pickup Line Ever
Bubba's religious message of repentance
Redneck Revenge
How to make a Canadian Wedding Arch
When A Canadian Guy Plans The Wedding
How to solve Killer (samunamupure) Sudoku puzzles
Killer Sudoku Rules
Welcome greeting to the tunnel of no return
Tunnel Face
So, a guy walks into a bar...
Bar Walker
Returning half of the Lost and Found items
Good Samaritan
Featuring the World Cup's most annoying horn
Vuvuzela Hits
How Alabama originated the phrase: 'On a wing and a prayer'
Redneck Helicopter
Why have a cat nap when you can doze off with a cow?
Cow Nap
Would you prefer a circular squirrel?
Perfect for no-return sales to Bubba!
Redneck Revolver
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