Pirate Star Wars
R2-D2 as a pirate
5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin there was Long John Silver

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Darth Vader Models
Heineken Meets Star Wars
Luke FloorWalker
Star Wars Baby
Star Wars Computer
Star Wars Day
Star Wars Eggs
Star Wars Trike

We don't serve women here - you have to bring your own
Smirnoff Women
Cooling off during the dog days of summer
Shower Dog
World's cheapest wall-mounted computer
Redneck Computer
Canadian immigration policy for foreign workers
Diesel Fitter
Is Manual Disimpaction too risky?
Dog Proctologist
Latest Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle: #15021
Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles
Bacon recipe for long-lasting, tasty relationships
Bacon Women
Problems like this can only multiply
Math Lab Bust
For those with big thirsts
XL Cup of Tea
How to take care of your nose
Nose Siphoner
Elvis and Michael Jackson found alive in South Carolina
Redneck Stars
Sampling grapes from a blessed wine press
One At A Time
747 and 757 - close call formation flyers
Formation Flying for Jet Airplanes
Finally - a wine glass that fits my needs!
Aussie Wine Glass
Why golf is like marriage
Golf Wisdom
Best place to buy Zookeene, Hallopinyo and Bail Pepr
Texas Roadside Produce Stand
Latest Music Sudoku Puzzle: #15019
Music Sudoku Puzzles
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