Pirate Star Wars
R2-D2 as a pirate
5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin there was Long John Silver

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Darth Vader Models
Heineken Meets Star Wars
Luke FloorWalker
Star Wars Baby
Star Wars Computer
Star Wars Day
Star Wars Eggs
Star Wars Trike

Basket cases running out of time?
Senior Wheelies
Shoe box confession - prayer for understanding
Crochet Doll Collection
How to attract new members to Church
Baptist Brandy
Recipe for the world's first cup of Java
Moses Tea
Uncovering the true Director
Hats Off
Remembering loved ones into the hereafter
Tombstone Epitaphs
Latest Word Search Puzzle: North Carolina
Word Search Puzzles
How to turn down the noise level
Mute Button
Bubba's new all-terrain 4 wheel vehicle
Redneck ATV
New Muslim shrine proposed for downtown Paris
Eiffel Tower Modifications
Say it again and it becomes a Re-Pita
How To Make A Pita Wrap
Cycling through the lawn chores
Redneck Bike Mower
Crosswalk for gentlemen
Denmark Traffic Signals
Personal Insults du Jour
Take That!
Tree-mendous transportation for a patient motorcyclist
Ingrown Motorcycle
Where is Bailey when you need him the most?
Iraq Bus Stop
Redneck CIL fisherman's wall trophies
Redneck Fish Finder
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