Pirate Star Wars
R2-D2 as a pirate
5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin there was Long John Silver

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Darth Vader Models
Heineken Meets Star Wars
Luke FloorWalker
Star Wars Baby
Star Wars Computer
Star Wars Day
Star Wars Eggs
Star Wars Trike

Where Marconi RECEIVED the 1st Transatlantic Wireless Signal
Signal Hill Wireless
Hare-e High Five Easter celebration
Hare Five
Looking for bare bones riders
Taxidermist Bike
Doctor's second opinion comes in 'handy'
Redneck Vasectomy
When men make cookies
Men's Cookies
Beware of Identity Theft
Identity Theft
Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #14680-83
Sudoku Sampler
New giant squirrel species caught on film
Bull Squirrel
You're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you!
2015 Bunny Calendar
What happens when Easter Eggs hatch
Easter Egg Drop-outs
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Palm Sunday
Word Search Puzzles
Sign from Skandihoovian religious nuts
Da End Iss Near
Bubba takes his portable platter with him on road trips
Redneck License Plate
Eggsellent Easter Riddles
Easter Yolks
Easter Eggs hidden too well in the garden
Forgotten Easter Eggs
Little Johnny misses the Palm Sunday service
Missed Palm Sunday
Bible prophecy fulfilled!
Dead Sea Fish
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