Pancake Cushion
Edible cushion for hungry mornings at home
Warning: butter and syrup made by hazardous to your clothes

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Electricity + Water = Electrocu-sons
Flood Games
Hairstyles for Dummies
Soothing Hairstyle
King of second hand smoke
Need A Cigarette?
Fashion etiquette in The Netherlands
Amsterdam Dress
Bubba found the perfect hedging accessory for his lawn
Redneck Hedge Clipper
How can one woman simultaneously satisfy 12 Men?
Brew Haul-her - 12 Brewskies At A Time
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Retro Cross #32
Word Search Puzzles
Sharing friendship with man's best friend
Catching radar before radar catches you
Spotted Spotters
Who changes the TP in your house?
Root-bound tree searches for camouflage path
Adaptive Roots
Bumper cars for canines
Canadian and U.S. Versions
The Ant and The Grasshopper
Car Camouflage on the eastern front
VW Garden
Control Diabetes - make it free for everyone!
Diabetes Sale
Bubba's Tornado/Flooding Survival Checklist
Redneck Hurricane Survival Kit
Prophecy according to the Law of Infinite Probability
Laundry Law
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