Pancake Cushion
Edible cushion for hungry mornings at home
Warning: butter and syrup made by hazardous to your clothes

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Who wears the Christmas antlers?
Santa's Female Reindeer
Now On Sale for those who give a hoot!
2015 Hooters Owl Calendars (TWO)
Give him a Christmas Tree for Christmas!
Handyman's Christmas Tree
How to light up your motherboard
CPU Tree
An actor who didn’t make it into the 'Happy Feet' movie
Unhappy Feet
Latest Word Search Puzzle: Christmas
Word Search Puzzles
Inspiration for a Christmas office party
Office Christmas Fireplace
Is this a fake mirror?
Mirror Lake
Santa Claus's rodent lookalike
Merry ChristMouse
A well-balanced relationship on the farm
New flatulent twist on emoticons
Who needs Bud Light when you've got Canadian Heavy!
Canadian Christmas Tree
Proctologist Christmas tree - all hands on deck
Rubber Glove Tree
Memo from Santa re Santa's 3rd Cousin
Bubba Claus - Union Replacement for Santa
The diurnal period preceding the annual Yuletide celebration,
Contract Spec Writer's Night Before Christmas
If Julius Caesar designed motorcycles
When only the best will do for her
Wife's Christmas Present
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